First Physio Appointment

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First Physio Appointment

Postby calamityr » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:42 pm

So...I have my very first physio appointment booked this week - tried to get my GP to refer me but she is conviced that is it all in my head, so I am going private with a friend of a friend.

I've never had a physio appointment before and am just getting over a bad flare at the moment - quiet anxious already (just the way I am) :yikes:

Has anyone has physio before so I can kind of mentally prepare myself, and know what to expect? I assume the first appointment will basically be to see my range of movement etc, what I can do, but is it like an exam of some sort - should I go in trying to push myself or just be honest and do what I can? I'm really good at hiding when I'm in pain so I don't want to go in there and have him think that I don't need any help because I'm secretly just battling through! :shock:

Any advice much appreciated :-)
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Re: First Physio Appointment

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:51 pm


Private is different to NHS.

NHS (so I have been told many times over the years) cannot afford illnesses that cannot cure so what normaly happens on NHS is that they asses you, give you some stretching exercises and send you on your way. They very rarely *touch* you.

Private tho is so much different. They asses you then do some work. SO if you have restricted mobility they will talk with you what ways they can help. For example I have trigger point therapy. Some offer massage / deep tissue massage some may offer like a Chiropractor approach. It all depends really on your situation but they will and should do a hands on approach as well as chat about exercises etc...

The first appointment is mainly assessment. If they have time a little hands on therapy and then will work out a treatment plan with you if you decide to go back.

What I do know over my years of fibro and physio and any sort of therapy really is that you have to keep on with it for it to be of benefit.

You will/maybe be sore and flare a little after any treatment so be aware. This does ware off in a few days so make sure you have little on in the next 24/48 hours after.
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