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Delicate art of changing doctor

PostPosted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:26 pm
by sastek
Hi all,

I've just made my first appointment to see a new doctor but, because he's in the same surgery as my old doc, I find myself a bit worried about what I am going to say to him if he asks why I want to change doc. My old doctor has been mostly OK, but I have never liked him and also feel that he has never really taken me seriously, even though he originally diagnosed me. But the final straw came last year when he refused to write a letter for my ESA appeal. He said that it sounded like I didn't want to work and because I had not returned to work on my own in 6 years then perhaps I needed to be forced back. I tried to explain that I would return to work in a second if I thought that I could, but there was no way that I was able, but he wasn't listening. This is when I realized that he was not taking my illness seriously.

So the question is what do I say to the new doc who is a close colleague of the old? I am tending towards just saying that I want a fresh perspective and hoping that he doesn't push me. I also need to gently quiz him about his opinion about Fibro before I commit to moving to him.