Reluctant GP

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Reluctant GP

Postby Dizzikitty » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:56 pm

Hi All

So, i'm new here so if its the wrong place to write this i'm sorry feel free to move me. Long post sorry sorry.

In December i was struck down (its the only way i can describe it - something wasn't right in the month prior but December the symptoms spiked) with pain, everywhere, to the point where i considered a trip to A&E. I should explain that it would be a cold day in hell before i'd become a patient in an A&E - i used to work in one and didn't consider myself life threatening, i also hate hospitals and needles... for NHS staff i'm a fantastic advert. Anyhow i waited for the morning to see a GP. He was lovely about it all, told me i'd probably trapped a disc in my back somewhere and sent me off with a sick note for a week off work and some cocodamol (which is rank). The next week i went back - very little improvement, told i have sciatica... except my backs killing me, i'm having migraines daily and every limb in my body hurts... but this time we will be specific ok. Two more weeks off. Over christmas it almost subsided a little enough for me to get out and about and walk the dog to the shops etc.

January came and i went back to the GP - pain was still going and coming and then staying. Problems with sitting up at my desk, pain down through the spine, my neck and arms were killing me, etc etc you all know the drill i'm sure. He referred me for physiotherapy and told me i'd be best off going private for osteopathy and physiotherapy. So i went privately to the osteopath - whom i love with all my heart, she has magic fingers. The NHS physiotherapist would, i was informed, only look at either my neck or my lower back... so i went for neck as it was the worst part at that time - he wasn't wrong. She didn't want to know about any of my other symptoms, just my neck, and gave me a telling off for sitting wrong at work (long story but i have an awful chair with no upper back support) oh and some exercises that made my pain worse.

Osteopath however - amazing. After seeing her for over 12 weeks she said look i think the doctor needs to do blood tests, that she thinks it could be fibromyalgia because i'm reacting to nearly all the pressure points and it comes and goes. So off i went to the GP as i'd had another flare - back to where i was in December, its been over four months now etc etc. He signed me off for two weeks after me not being able to tell him even what day of the week it was without having to remember basics like - the days of the week... i was in peak fog mode as hubby calls it. I couldn't have told you where i was let alone what he said to me. He gave me amytriptyline for the sleep quality and off for bloods. I hate needles so survived the bloods of which i am proud - all clear. The amytriptyline is great - helping with the fog, small mercies.

Bloods all normal, last night he tells me "it is what it is, back and neck pain"... i push a little saying well look work need a diagnosis because they want to bring formal proceedings against me for sick leave (i came back in january - i should have stayed off basically), that i can try and find some help or treatment options if it is named. He said "why label it"... well true... except i may be in with a shot of getting a chair at work that supports my spine better if i am given a diagnosis... nope - nothing. His only option for me was to carry on with the physio (hrmmm useful) and the osteopathy (well of course - you're not paying for it are you) and that the osteopath can write to him with a name for the symptoms collection and we will call it that. My prescription was for a review in 2017.

I've been on this roundabout before - i spent 6 years getting a dx of endometriosis and it wasn't until i worked for a consultant gynaecologist that i got a good diagnosis and treatment plan. This time it feels less likely. I honestly don't know what to do. I'm back at work, in the rubbish chair, in pain, and being expected to pick up full 8 hour days again (i need to see my boss about a phased return but they did that in january and i still had sick leave... they aren't happy). I've spoken with the health and safety type person and again "do they have a prognosis? any diagnosis? so we can sort out a chair"... so yeah, lets not spend the money i'm going to cost you in non-functional work hours.

So two questions:
- has anyone else struggled to get their GP to even listen, even though i said "the osteopath thinks it could be fibro" and he stares blankley back?

- Anyone else had problems with work not being as supportive has they need? e.g. with sensible seating and ability to work? I have a fixed desk at last but a broken footstool and a chair with no upper lumbar and shoulder support - which i have at home and it really helps.

thanks for listening, any advice on any of the above i will gladly take. Feeling so lost and rejected, GP basically getting rid of me with "here are drugs for 12 months bye bye" and work (also the NHS) trying to push me out (i've worked in the NHS 15 years in various roles which makes it all worse).

thanks again
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Re: Reluctant GP

Postby *Lisa* » Tue Apr 05, 2016 5:32 pm


I was also told by a GP to go private and so I paid for a chiropractor. He told me I had typical *house wives syndrome* :-? (way over 10years ago) as my muscles were *like rock* blamed it on pushing push chairs / toll on pregnancies and housework etc :shock: :-? but did write to GP.

GP then sent me to NHS physio (back then they did do hands on) she felt the stiffness which like you back then relaxed then came straight back so off I see her again .... and again... and again... :shock: physio then told me that because of my age (20's then) and having recurring pain & stiffness that there was definitely some thing underlying to which she thought could be fibro (back then not very familiar illness) so she spoke to my GP who then agreed with findings and sent me for bloods which came back clear so more reason to suspect fibro and off I was referred to a consultant Rheumatologist.

He did diagnose Fibro but most of the pieces of the puzzle were given to him so was straight forward really.

So YES GP should listen as Osteopath can detect and write to your GP with findings and then GP can either take on what they say with the evidence etc or then refer you on to a consultant to make sure and get diagnoses.

Osteopath after all is fully qualified in Musculoskeletal Disorders
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Re: Reluctant GP

Postby Dizzikitty » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:36 am

Thanks so much, hopefully that will work then. Still kind of processing what happened Monday and the whole year of amitriptyline mixed with pain killers. He's right about labelling something but I think it will be important for treatment and work as well as my own coping mechanism. I have osteopath appt next week so will ask then.

Thanks again .
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Re: Reluctant GP

Postby heather trippett » Fri Apr 08, 2016 3:31 am

:welcome: my gp thinks its all in my head :scream-1: another gp giggeled under her breath when i said i had fibro/cfs :face-slap: gave me a mental health leaflet and yes many gps have given me that glazed over cant be bothered with you look :sleep:
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Re: Reluctant GP

Postby Shellbell » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:44 pm

Yip I have the exact same issue only I have been to the rheumatologist and the " why label it" came from him. He advised no point as it wont change the treatment plan. So both he and the doctor at the pain clinic have advised this is what I have but I dont have a formal diagnosis??
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Re: Reluctant GP

Postby Dizzikitty » Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:14 pm

Just going to give up for now- osteopath doesn't feel she can write unless I have Mri or X-rays despite the fact they know they are unlikely to show anything. GP won't do them anyhow.

I'm just going to have to continue going to work in agony even if it's for ten minutes when it's bad (this week I've done six hour days with horrendous head pain. After 50 weeks I can have sick leave again.... Or loose my job more than likely.

That moment when the Nhs has failed you- even though you e given them your whole career. Sad days I guess- does anyone know if I have a right to ask the GP for a referral?

Looking up private costs now :(
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