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Going Private

Postby Dizzikitty » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:48 pm

Hi all

So - its been a lovely couple of weeks with the push to get help and not get fired... and to get adequate care. The physiotherapist is still saying its postural... but then she has only seen me twice in two months because of the waiting list problems. So i honestly don't think shes seen enough. The osteopath still thinks that its more related to a rheumatoid condition but are unwilling to push the GP as its not their place. Sooooo. With my "its back pain, thats all" diagnosis from the GP, my husband and i have decided to dive into some savings and seek private care. I have spoken to a clinic with a pain specialist in town and they have said it doesn't matter if i don't have a diagnosis, they will still do what they can to diagnose and treat the pain.

I know i sound pushy and rushing but i have to. Work are still very unhappy even though for the last three weeks (almost a month) i have been in work and delivering regardless of the headache and the pain. Regardless also that i do not have an adequate chair still. Having spent 8 years getting an endometriosis diagnosis, working for the NHS for over 15 years now... its time to by pass them a little as honestly? I feel has if ive been abandoned... heres meds, sit straight and begone for 12 months. IAPT 121 counselling still havent gotten back to me after 14 weeks following initial assessment. Can't say that feels awfully good. Any wonder i'm showing signs of depression and stress which is making me sleep less. So yeah... here goes nothing...

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Re: Going Private

Postby thesse » Fri May 13, 2016 10:46 am

Well done, I think that is the best approach. They do as little as possible at the GP, it is not always them being shortsighted and uncaring - sometimes they simply can't progress it without the blood tests and scans coming back EXACTLY how they want. However, sometimes they really are disinterested and think people are just moaning, not realising the massive impact that pain and loss of mobility has on your entire life. I am signed off and diagnosed with CFS. I probably have autoimmune arthritis, but even with the scan coming back showing inflammation, they don't want to treat that, so back to the CFS bullies I go. I am seriously considering private too, I need a more concrete diagnosis and I need better treatment. Until then, I am staying signed off. I can't work as my left hand is too swollen and I am having trouble walking. The government creates these problems by refusing to treat normal hardworking people! They probably expect us to go private, my lovely young female GP sighed and agreed, you won't get anywhere through us.
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