rant about my doctor

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rant about my doctor

Postby laura.dorans » Wed Sep 28, 2016 7:44 pm

not fibro related - i saw my doctor on monday there and i was struggling really bad with my anxiety and when i tried explaining it to her she just blanked it out completely as she seemed more interested in telling me to stop hugging her that you shouldn't be hugging your doctor etc.. and i've been really struggling and upset on how she blanked my anxiety out and i wanted help from her not to leave the room feel worse than from when i went in

i have been hugging my doctor for 4 years it all started just after i moved house as i was going through a really rough period and was in hospital twice due to overdoses. i continued because hugging because i felt better after hugging but at the end of the day if didn't like me hugging her she should of said something at the start not 4 years later. which i am now a bit upset and i will probably struggle to stop hugging her.

everything was fine until last month when she told me to walk home and i said i wasnt walking to mid street and she was like where is mid street? and i replied you should know where mid street is as you stay in mid street as i saw you standing at your front door one night when i was walking past as i had been out for the day, i knew it was her clearly as i reconised her voice and she was talking about as i hug her everytime i see her and she sounded worried about me chapping on her door, this was last year august 2015. i have never chapped on her door and i have no intention of either or do i plan on telling anyone either. she denied it by saying she doesnt live in kirkcaldy but i know she's lying as she turned away and done that thing with the hands that you do when there's nothing you can do. then she turned turned round and said to me that i need to stop hugging her. so i think she's got into her head that if i stop hugging her we won't be as close and there's less chance of me chapping on her front door, i personally think she has some issues??

she even said she know we have a good friendship relationship, but what sort of relationship does she expect us to have since i have been seeing her for about 6 years. rant over
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Re: rant about my doctor

Postby LindyM66 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 5:38 pm

Hi Laura,

Your GP may not be meaning to offend you personally. In this very politically correct world that we live in these days, it could be perceived as "blurring of professional boundaries". By her asking you not to hug her, she is protecting both herself, and you, as the patient.
It may have been less upsetting for you, if she had tried to explain this to you.
I hope you are well, and not in too much pain.

Much Love
Lindy x
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