Pain Management

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Pain Management

Postby Beowulf1976 » Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:19 pm

Monday (13th) is the first day of my eight week pain management course. When given the option of group therapy or the solo one on one route, I opted for solo one on one as I am not really a group interacting kind of person, yes I seem boisterous when you meet me but that is only because I am stupidly nervous and let god knows what pour out of my mouth, or I don't talk at all, but since I have been poorly, I have not really been a people person you know?

Anyway, Monday is physio, they are going to decide on Monday whether I'd be better having my personal physio at the doctors surgery down the road rather than travelling the 20 minute journey to get to clinic, it will be decided on Monday when I see her for the first time. Then Friday 17th I have my first relaxation therapy meeting which is rumoured to take an hour.

I am open minded about the course, if it helps it helps, if it doesn't then I tried, there's no point looking at it as a waste of time because we could say that lots of things are a waste of time. To be honest with me being as poorly as I am, I have a lot of time to spare, or to waste so to speak.

I'm looking forward to the relaxation session because although I know various ways to relax, I also understand that there are far more ways that I could be relaxing.

Anyway, I'll keep you up to date with what happens... I'm not missing any appointments because I've been waiting months for this heheh :woot:
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Re: Pain Management

Postby gillshutt » Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:55 am

Hope it help and do let us know how it all goes ((xx))
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Re: Pain Management

Postby shazq » Sun Jul 12, 2009 10:32 am

I am in the middle of my pain course.
I did not get the choice to do it solo, although i think i would have chose the group.
I started the course hoping it would help with my pain and to meet others with fibro and maybe make some friends.
At this time in the course i think most of it has been common sense, ie pacing yourself throughout the day, and how to deal with it.
I did enjoy the gym visit, although i did not use any equipment i loved the exercise ball, they showed us what different exercises we could do with it, so i am going to buy one.

I am glad everyone on the group if friendly, and 3 of us have met up for a cuppa and i even went swimming with 1, so pleased about that.

I have learnt bits, i must not overdo things, i find it hard to just sit and do nothing, so they have told me i must pace, do a little then sit to allow the body to recharge.

I hope you find your a help for you. good luck.
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Re: Pain Management

Postby *Lisa* » Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:00 pm

Good luck :mrgreen:
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