been to GP ..what a waste of time

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been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby melt » Thu Jul 16, 2009 5:42 pm

Hi all ..just returned from seeing GP not my usual one as he is on hols and thought I might get a different view point...well it was a complete waste of time I left the surgery in tears and wished I'd never gone. :needhug: ..I asked to be taken off anti depressants as they have made me put on over a stone in 4 weeks and that has made me feel more down than anything and I also took along my list of symptoms which I was hoping he would at least cast an eye over.but he was not at all interested.

I have never seen this particular gp before and i'm not sure if he is a new one or is just filling in...all he said was my usual dr was talking of reducing dose of anti d's which may help with weight and I should get some exercise by going just made me more upset...I cant stand the thought of having to get dressed and undressed again i just havent got the energy..I have a 2 year old so I am on the go most of the day so its not as if I'm sat still doing nothing....Doesnt anyone seem to get it ..I ache all over and feel knackered !....

sorry this is going on a bit . and i'm having a big moan.....any how I really wished I hadn't gone and I have now made an appointment to see my usual doc when he returns from holiday(maybe he not so bad after all lol) i am gonna go armed with my list of symptoms and how each one affects my daily life and then hopefully he will help and I will get referral to rhuemy (which he keeps mentioning but never does ) or he will try and get my next nurro appointment broought forward ( its not till december)....well thanks to everyone for letting me have a moan my hubby got it both barrels blazing when i got back from dr but then he is getting used to it now .bless him..

i'll keep you all updated thanks to all mel
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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby unigirl1981 » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:09 pm

Well that gp sounds rubbish!! lets all hope he is just a locum, if not when you next make an appointmnet make sure its not with him!!

i think seeing your regular g is a god idea and writing a list will help loads too. i get flustered when i go in and lose track fo what i want. i am also really bad at saying i am "not too bad" when he asks how i am which is obviously a lie lol!!!

my advice is make a list, call the neuro's secretary and try and get a cancelled appointmnet and see your old gp asap.

its rubbish when this happens but unfortunatley most of us have had this from one mediacl "professonsl" or another and its hard but dont get disheartened!!

ew are all here for you and i know where you are coming from, just stick to your guns and keep going back!!

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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby shrimp » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:41 pm

oh melt - been there sweeti - know just how you feel.........i have twins who are nearly 2 and half and started getting fibro symptoms when they were 2 weeks old and it took 18 months before the 3rd gp i saw finally took one look at my skinny wrists and referred me to rheumy and 6 months on from then and many tests later fibro finally diagnosed........i have really weak hands and dodgy feet - i put a complaint in about mr and mrs gp not taking me seriously for 18 months and said even if they had of referred me to shut me up i might not now have deterioted as i have - i can hardly pick my boys up and they dont even weigh 25 pound yet - i cant cook, i cant drive anymore and to be blatant sometimes i cant even wipe my own ass !!!!.......the practice manager and nice gp saw me for meeting and are bending over backwards for me now - she has written to DLA who awarded me lrc to say not good enough (after i had already written and asked them to look at it again), they sent occupational therapist round who has recommended a mattress that sits you up and raised toilet partner only works part time now and his 78 year old mum comes round to watch over me and boys when he is at work cos i take so many meds and dont see danger - not that i can move quick enough to prevent it,.,

i also have put weight on since starting amitrip and it doesnt help and even tho you hurt your babies come first so you do what you can for them so totally understand you are not lazy,,,,,my rheumy told me to go swimming - havent the hell am i meant to get there? who is gonna help me dress etc ??....oh yeh of course i will wave my magic wand and it will all happen just like that......

so PLEASE dont give up - if you think you are not being taken seriously ask to see the practice manager.......

good luck
shrimp xxx
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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby Gracie » Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:58 pm


Im sorry things are so awful for you i myself have had a rotten week with flu and tummy bug on top of the Fibro i cannot believe you have not been refered to rehuemy after just a few visits with my Gp he refered me and got my letter today only have to go to private clinic as waithing times at my local hospital are so long so dont know if this well be better or not sorry i have gone complety of track keep pushing and dont give up day you want a referal and its your rite to it your basic human rites belive me with this site and my OH on the internet i dont take no for an answer any more im the one living with this not them so keep fighting.

Love Gracie xoxox :hugs:
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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby gillshutt » Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:51 pm

Hugs and :evil: to the new gp!

Don't ask for a referral, tell him you want a referral and take someone with you as a witness when you go so he can't waffle and bluff his way out. I keep saying this... if there is someone else in the room with you the doctor will behave differently to how they do when you are on your own. They suddenly become much more understanding and willing to help :roll:
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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby Wacky Racky » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:48 pm

I agree with gill, go in there and tell them you want refering , dont ask, get them told !!!
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Re: been to GP ..what a waste of time

Postby LinzWorld » Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:55 am

See if you can get a referral to hydrotherapy or if not and you need help to go swimming, get a social services assessment if you have't had one - they may get you a care worker to help you go.

Unforunately physical therapy is an important part of managing Fibro.

Whilst strenuous exercise should not be attempted until your symptoms, especially sleep, are under some sort of control, you need to prevent loss of muscle and stiffening up and gentle exercise and stretching can help here.

Hydrotherapy in particular is a very well proven therapy for Fibro.

And specialist physical therapy rehab is the newest idea for helping to treat Fibro to come out of the States - it's to stabilise your neck to prevent positional cervical cord compression which may be a cause or perpetuating factor for many peoples' Fibro and is used as part of a multi-disciplinary program including medications as well. Some of it is specific physiotherapy exercises, but general exercise is also an important part of the program.
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