Neuro appointment

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Neuro appointment

Postby Elsbeth » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:19 pm

:evil: :evil: :evil:

I am soo annoyed. It was horrible.

I went in, all seemed OK, he shook both my hand and that of my friend. I started to explain what was happening and he kept on interupting me so I wasn't fully able yo explain it. He told me off for not using the Ami properly. Again I tried to exlplain that I can't take more than 10mg and I certainly can't take it daily. Not interested.
Then I told him i was on 20mg Morphine in the morning and again at night..(this has only been for the past 4 days, before that I only took it when I needed it) he went off on it, saying that I shouldn't be reliant on morphine to control my pain. Erm, I'm not!!

I told him about the twitching. He said this is purely because of the meds I am on and nothing else. Which in itself is good news, but surely unless he does other tests he won't actually know that! All my other docs seem quite anxious it could be Epilepsy and I am showing a significant amount of symptoms of MS and this is also why I was refered. I ended up in tears as he was quite mean to me about it all. He then tried to comfort me, explaining that being sleepy is natural on the meds I am on. Yeah but sleeping 12 hours isn't, not when you have a 1 year old. Having no tatser buds or appetite coz of the meds isn't normal, being so dizzy you have to use 2 sticks isn't. He ignored all off that. I finally manages to get out what I needed to say, stating that just because I have been told I have fibro, what IF it is is something else causing that pain. He then stood right beside me and said

"well ok, lets look at it this way, you have been in pain for 8 years, what illness do you really think you could have for that long that was sinister enough to cause that much pain that wouldn't have resulted in you being dead by now?"

I wanted to be sick! I never said I thought I was bloody dying... I almost screamed at him at that point. He decided to examine me then to "see what he could find".
Became a different story then. When he got to examining my legs he was shocked at the amount of weakness in my right side. Couldn't believe how poor my reflexes are on that side. He did the sharp and soft test on my leg, I failed it. He has now decided I need an EEG and a MRi to check the cortex to see if there is a problem.

I am ringing the secretary in the AM and expressing my discomfort at seeing him and requesting a different doctor. I was so upset.

Am I over reacting?
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Re: Neuro appointment

Postby loubie » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:54 pm

hi elsbeth
no don't think you are
i wonder sometimes why they worked so hard to become the so called "top Dr's"
they can be so rude and as you say just don't listen to wot you are saying
the rhumie i went to see was the same i had took with me a list of every thing that i wonted him to know, took me a week to do the list, and he was not interested
but after examining me he said to the nurse fibro booklet before telling me!
they are just so rude
keep chin up try an be strong :hugs:
at least they are going to do some tests
so you should get some answers
big :hugs: :hugs:
loubie x
loubie xx

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Re: Neuro appointment

Postby miajane » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:32 am

I had a very similar experience so you are not alone here.
The Neuro I saw was just the same, well both of them actually. I saw one while in hospital, I was very weak on right side they thought I'd had a stroke at this point. I told her I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and she said 'oh good if you're in pain it's not serious' then without warning she grabbed my arm and yanked it over my head, I couldn't stop her had no strength in that arm the pain was enormous and I screamed and almost passed out. The ward sister took her away and I didn't see her again. :evil:
The next time was a few weeks after I'd been discharged, they had done CAT scans, MRI and loads of blood tests and found nothing, I had problems with my vision and my optician wrote to my Dr as he thought it might be MS, very occasionally it doesn't show up on MRI. The neuro wasn't interested in anything I said even though I had no reflex reaction on right side and I couldn't walk unaided as had spasms throughout the whole appointment.
He did his tests and said 'there's nothing wrong you can go back to work' I left in tears.
Lucky for me my Dr knows me, I was upset when I told him what happened, he then told me he thought I had fibro, that I might be able to manage the symptoms enough in the future to go back to work but to give myself at least 3 yrs before I thought of returning to work.
No one deserves to be treated like you were so I definately don't think you're over reacting. Hope the next one you see is actually a human being. :hugs:
Take care xx
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