Where do I start

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Where do I start

Postby anne1206 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:24 pm

Where do I start?
Had appointment at pain clinic at 9.30 this morning, takes an hour to get there,was up before I even had a sleep :roll: my records could not be found :evil: so waited an hour while they tried to locate them, got in to see doc before they were found, so he knew nothing about me, luckily records showed up while I was still with him, he was the head honcho and very stern looking :evil: he rolled his eyes when he saw that I had arrived on mobility scooter, and used a walking stick, hubby was physically supporting me as I am having the worst day ever since I was diagnosed, :cry:
anyway he said since I have tried all the things they normally suggest that he would now put me on slow release tramadol which can be topped up with the normal ones for breakthrough pain, left it open for me to contact him if I needed to.
Got home to find a letter from the other Gasgow hospital, the rheumy has referred me to psychological medicine outpatients clinic, I am assuming this is different to the psychologist I saw when first diagnosed :dunno:
dont know why that upset me, maybe its just because I am in so much pain today :dunno:
The appointment they sent is for Sept. 11th, and I have booked transport to take me to the fibro support group that days they only meet on the second friday of every month, and I had arranged to meet up with Angela masson from this site, so stuff the psycho appt I will phone and rearrange it, cos right now I think I will get more from the meeting. :tongueout:

Ok rant over, feel better now I have battered the computer keys. :needhug:

Take care All, Anne
:hugs: :grouphug:
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Re: Where do I start

Postby miajane » Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:49 pm

Hi Anne, :hugs:
Sorry to hear you are having a bad time of it at mo, hope the new meds give you some relief.
I'm not sure what help you would get from the psychological clinic but I'm sure the support and understanding you'd get from fibro clinic would be as beneficial. Thinking of you.
Lots of hugs :grouphug:
Take care
Mia xx
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Re: Where do I start

Postby angela masson » Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:26 pm

Oh Anne, just read your post, i cant believe the way you have been treated. Some of these doctors are so bloody ignorant, when docs behave like this you start to question your own views, :? as though you dont feel bad enough. Hopefully with the tramadol you will feel a difference, you will probably find that you will get a sleep too :)
Am sure you will get all the support you deserve from family, friends and the support group
Take care lv Angela :hugs: :hugs:
angela masson
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Re: Where do I start

Postby Susieq » Thu Aug 27, 2009 9:22 pm

Hi Anne,

I hope the tramadol help you with your pain. Some of these doctors don't have a good 'hands on' approach with patients. Hope you enjoy your day at your support group. :)
Susan x
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