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Postby » Sun Nov 08, 2009 2:01 am

I went to my local Rheumatology department on 28th September where I was finally diagnosed with Fibro.

I have Diabetes type 2...taking Januvia and Gicizide
Under active thyroid......taking Levothyroxine
Cervical Spondylosis
Potential Carpal tunnel syndrome
Osteo arthritis in legs and knees
Now this

Any how I told my rheumotologist taht after 2 and a half years my gp would not believ me after all bllods, x rays and even mri came back negative about me having Fibro.
She said he would believe her if it was in written form.

So two weeks later I went for my sick note to see my gp , the only one on the panel, as I am on Income support. He checked the notes from my rhemotologist which said Osteo arthritis and discussed Fibromyalgia ..please give patient stronger pain killers rather than the 2 diclofenic she is taking if required and Ametriptiline to help with sleeping patterns.

The gp read the notes and then refused to give me stronger painkillers or the ametriptiline because he said that only 50% of the doctors in the UK believe that Fibro exists and he is part of the 50% that believes it DOES NOT EXIST.

Therefore he will not treat me with the ametriptiline which I asked not to have any way cos I wouldnt know if m sugars were low or the fibro was playing up. He will not give me stronger painkillers and put it all down to my diabetes ...then sent me for my routine bloods again for thyroid and diabetes.... results normal levels!!

I have applied for DLA but my gp will only write osteoarthritis and widespread musculor skeletal pain plus diabetes on m sick notes and on any medical forms.

I want to change doctors but am unsure what to today I have recieved a IB50 form to fill in and my Job centre want me back to work asap so have referred me to the Shaw Trust and DEA... even though I am limited to whta I can do.

Any advice....please!!!???? :dunno:
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Postby gillshutt » Sun Nov 08, 2009 8:11 am

You need to either... change to another gp in the same surgery which involves telling them who you want to see, or, if there isn't another one in that surgery you need to find out the other local surgeries, contact the practice manager and ask if they have anyone who at the very least believes in fibromyalgia but preferably has an understanding of the illness.

ALSO you need to put in a complaint about your present gp. FM is recognised by the NHS and your gp is going against them by refusing to treat you for your illness.

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Postby shazq » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:12 pm

Sorry you have had to go through all that.
I agree with Gill, change your GP.
If you go on the NHS site you will see that there is a piece on Fibro, so why these GP`s cant get it into their heads i dont know.
Print the info off and ask your GP TO READ IT. Then if he still does not believe write a letter of complaint.
I have put the link to the NHS direct for you.
Good luck. :hugs:

click here
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Postby MacGreets » Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:30 pm

Hi, I had a nigtmare of a doctor who said it was my posture that was causing the aches and pains (in the early days) i changed from seeing 'him who cannot be named' to another partner at my surgery. It is still early days an continue to feel that doctors think its all in your head. Keep persevering or complain on how you are being treated, the NHS is there for us all to use and have access to. Good luck :hugs:
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