what next?

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what next?

Postby ladytazg » Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:30 am

dont know if iv posted on the right place so forgive me if i havent.

i joind your site last week and finding it really helpful like i said in my last post i was off to hospital to see the so called specialist.

i was quite gobsmacked that i wasnt looked at and was made to feel like i make it all up.
i was told to do some stretches and exercise more :banghead: how can i do this if my body will not allow me through stiffnes and pain "you got to if you dont help yourself there is no point you being here " i was told . wel this had me in tears

how am i going to get better if i cant do these things :banghead:

HELP :banghead:

this woman speeks to me like im over weight and unfit . i am 5'9" i weigh approx 9 stone and a size 8/10 yes like every woman who has had a baby i have a bottom and hips but the rest of me is quite toned.
she makes it sound like i do nothing how can i be doing nothing i have a daughter who is very demanding 3 dogs a snake a mouse a turtle a husband and a house to look after.

and then she tells me not to take painkillers all the time a stretch is like a painkiller i was told.
i try not taking tablets as a couple of days taking tabs make me throw up and put me off my food.
i have 2 diffrent skeletal dissorders rhumatoid arthritis and hypermobility dissorder which have been diagnosed 6 years ago and i may have fibro m .
i feel like they simply dont care.
i would like some advice on what to do next as i am back to hospital on wednesday with my diary.
sorry for having a rant but i dont know wwhat to do next thank you :needhug:
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Re: what next?

Postby *Lisa* » Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:04 am


Im afraid alot of doctors do come acroos with that attitude, i moungst many have experienced that.

Do you have an understanding GP that can work along side you with your conditions?

Doctors so mention weight no matter ya size....

You have to go by what you feel is right with your body, i do belive in light exercise which does help loosen the muscles and gets oxygen pumping round them... I have 2dogs and walk them daily for my exercise and i do what i can when i can at my pace but i do benefit from it alot.

I also have a physio who see me regulary to get into those muscles trigger points and releases them

You need to find yourself a pain management plan that suits your needs, they can forward you onto places that do pain mangement programmes or ask for CBT which can help you

Try to also get some time daily for you to relax that helps

Good luck :hugs:
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