Occupational Therapist

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Occupational Therapist

Postby Paulus1962 » Mon Jul 26, 2010 5:23 pm

Had a visit today from an OT and it seems I am in need of some adaptions. They are arranging for a second stair rail to be fitted, a bath board and a timer on a cord to go around my neck. These are all things that will come in useful for me. They are also putting me on the disabled person register as it seems there is still one maintained in Medway. If anyone ever had any doubts about getting OT in to do an assessment I can recommend them and the help they offer. They can be found in your local council.
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Re: Occupational Therapist

Postby denys » Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:13 pm

Thanks Paulus I'm waiting for my appointment to come through :hugs:

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Re: Occupational Therapist

Postby Elsbeth » Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:17 am

I would be lost without my OT.

She is a god send.
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Re: Occupational Therapist

Postby Quackers » Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:13 pm

I too had a BRILLIANT OT sent by the local authority but once I was assessed and all aids were in place that was it :o
I was given bed rails in order to help me turn over by myself during the night, a seat for the bath and a step to help me get into the bath, a perching stool and other small bits.

But the best thing was a home-help who comes in for 2 hours on a Friday. I was told that since I had a partner that the maximum I was entitled to was 2.5 hours. My husband works full time and that 2 hours is a Godsend to us both. She is a gem and nothing is too much for her. As well as doing household chores she has become a friend and I really look forward to her coming every week. It took a lot of input by a social worker for us to get her and it was a long battle.

It took a wee while for my pride to get used to someone doing 'my' housework but now I see her as just another aid like my wheelchair and my sticks. An aide that allows me to get on with things.
My case is supposed to be re-assessed annually at the very least but that was well over a year ago. But I would not hesitate in advising anyone to call one in, just phone your local social services department, that us what I did :wink:
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