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Postby fifididi88 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:37 pm

I have been attending the pain clinic for over a year for fibromyalgia to try and control my pain. :( All i have been offered at this clinic is accupunture and pregabalin. After being on a six week course of accupunture :| and it not helping at all it was decided that I should go on pregabalin at night to see if I could get a better sleep. After being on pregabalin for 8-9 months it has not helped and in this time I have had several bad flare ups were I have been in tears just trying to walk. :cry: So my own GP tried me on a few things to help with the pain. I had taken nortriptyline previously but she upped my dose and put me on diclofenac which was great but during the night the pain relif didnt last and I would still wake in pain. So my doctor gave me modified release tramadol. This was heven for the first few weeks! I only use it when needed then come off slowly.

I went to the pain clinic last week and the doctor said to me is there any point in you coming when your GP keeps changing all my drugs! I really needed these or I would have to have given up work and would be in a right state because of the lack of sleep and pain. So the pain clinic doctor discharged me and said that pregabilan was the only thing avalible that helps in fibro! She also said all the other drugs i was on would prevent the pregabilin working so it was a waste of time. So why do when I come on the forum I see lots of other things being used for fibro? I feel like thats all your getting and if it dose not work tough! :banghead: :sick:

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Re: Why?

Postby denys » Fri Oct 01, 2010 4:55 pm

Hi Fifi
Lots of us have been in your position with one practioner opposing another and us in the middle :yikes: :facepalm: stick with your GP who seems to be understanding and willing to try different things. The doctor at the pain clinic seems a little regimented in her beliefs and if she isn't willing to try anything other than pregablin then there isn't much point in going cos it's YOUR time she's wasting :twisted:

There ar different things to try and not everything will work for everybody, thats the problem with this condition, everyone is different. Sending you :hugs: :hugs: :flowers: :blowkiss:

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Re: Why?

Postby shazq » Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:36 pm

A lot of us have been put on Amitriptyline it helps with pain and sleep. Have you ever tried it before?
Gabapentin is another med used for fibro.

Have a read around the forum and ask your GP which one he thinks would help.
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Re: Why?

Postby tireesix » Sat Oct 09, 2010 12:11 am

I too get frustrated when others seem to be getting to try things but then I don't get to try them lol. Admittedly, I have accessed more this year than ever before but, I don't know, its just tiring. I just wish there was a list, that docs actually took notice of, that stated what can work etc.......
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Re: Why?

Postby shellcake » Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:42 pm

The way I got Amitrip in the end was because I asked for it....ok, I admit it, I begged. :oops:
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Re: Why?

Postby hamstergirl » Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:19 pm

Hi fi

I feel a bit like you with the pain clinic. At first I thought they were really good they sent me on a six weeks pain management course which I found really useful. They have prescribed Pregbalin and Duloxetine. I didn't like any of these medication side effects were too bad for me to cope with.

They then let me borrow a tens machine for my arms for a month. I then bought one and it is absolutely brilliant when I can keep it on. I am still struggling mostly with the pain in the arms and when in July I then asked for another appointment the nurse was very abrupt I said there was nothing more than they could do for me. I said I wasn't very happy about it so she eventually made me another appointment for the consultant. She said there was no appointments to November so I would have to wait till then.

I was going to cancel it because she made me feel like a fraud wanting this appointment that I'm so glad that I hadn't because I got a letter today saying that my appointment is cancel because the consultant is leaving at the end of October. Maybe this new consultant will be a little bit more understanding. I do hope this is not a way of trying to get rid of me though so if I don't get another appointment through by the middle of November I will ring up.

I think it's just luck if you manage to get a good understanding GP and consultant, which to date I have not found one.

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Re: Why?

Postby fabme » Thu Oct 14, 2010 7:25 pm


Lorraine I have to agree with you, the good doctors are hard to find and it's easy to loose faith in the medical proffession when you see doctors like those mentioned in the other posts :evil: All I can say is if you find a good one stick with them :D

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