steroid injection and lidnocain patches

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steroid injection and lidnocain patches

Postby animalhouse » Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:15 am

just been back to my rheumy for 2nd time.

doctor referred me to see about getting steroid injections in my wrists as they are really painful at times and also one of the vertebrae in middl eo fback.

as well as having all over pain in back, legs , arms etc since my crash last feb i went back to doctors to emphasise that i still had trigger point pains in wrist and back siince crash so that he would not put down to fibro.

rehumy gave me injection in left wrist and said he would do right if other was any good.

ohh the pain when he put it in = i didn't scream out but the look on my face said it all. it was as bad as i expected for a couple of secondj.

it seems to have dumbed the pain but it is still there when i touch the point. so will see if it works anymore.

he also suggested a lidnocain patch (not sure if that was right name) for back as i have one spot on mid back that just does not go away deep in my back like a trapped nerve or something and travels down or is agravated worse sometimes.

has anyone had or uses these patches. i know if is definately not muscle pain as i take gabapentin, diclofenace, codeine etc adn does not do any good but apparently you have to have broken bones sticking out of your body in open fractures to get scans, xrays in our area and i never got any after crash - could it be a slipped/bulging disc for past 10 months not sure but it is hell at times.

definitely not a muscle pain as i feel whiplash/muscles have relased and not as tense following medications, massagesa, osteo, physio.

happy-new-year-1 keep well everyone. :wine:
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Re: steroid injection and lidnocain patches

Postby fabme » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:39 pm

Hi, i've had steroid injections into my shoulders and yes the bloody hurt a lot :cry: but they do numb the pain a bit but I found it shortlived but I would probably have them again

As for the lidocain i've never used them, but I know others on here have had it IV so i'm sure someone will come along to answer your question :D

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Re: steroid injection and lidnocain patches

Postby wanda » Mon Jan 03, 2011 3:41 pm

I use the lidocain patches on my back which i get the most horrendous nerve pain like an epidural needle stuck in your back with electrodes, then the nerve pain flys all around bottom of back, buttock, hips legs. The patch normally works but the last two times it hasnt touched it and lost all feeling from hips down. it was scary i thought i was going to be paralayzed, ANyway i would recormmed the patches if you have trouble tolerating the meds. :wave:
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