Nice Doctor :D

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Nice Doctor :D

Postby BlueBerry » Fri May 06, 2011 5:08 pm

Hey All

well I just been to the doctor , Wow she is realy nice xD glad I made a double appoinment I got talk to her about nearly everything.

Well my l talk abut my left had want get second apen... on it she say he may have cut my nevers in my hand and she say she see me in a moth time if no better she refer me back doctor who did sugry guess he ging have srt it he one did it :wink:

I talk her about my anxty no sleep and stress I am under at the min with my tribual she was so nice she wish me luck even she said I got so many problems :shock: I got get off my old tablets none on weekend wah :yikes: one monday , wednesday and start my new onces firday I just hope they do the job she said she keep an eye n me and wish see me in 2 weeks and if need be change the dose I going on only 15mg, Oh name mirtazapine.

I so perfer see her man one he has't got a clue lol Oh even talk about my right silly doc get mix up between which one had sugry clearly show her the scar on left lol :lol:

nice have doctor support for my tribual :clap:

going be hard till next firday but I be so happy if I get some sleep :coffee2:
Image Pingo is my middle name :lol:
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Re: Nice Doctor :D

Postby shazq » Sat May 07, 2011 12:43 pm

So glad you got to see a good gp blueberry, it does make a big difference having an understanding gp.
:goodluck1: with your new meds :fingerscrossed: you get some sleep. :hugs:
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Re: Nice Doctor :D

Postby chopper » Thu May 12, 2011 7:15 pm

I totally agree about the difference it would make to speak to a gp who is empathetic. The idea of having a doc who truly listens and looks at you when talking, is just an unattainable dream. Of all the wishes I have made throughout my life, the one that stands out now, head and shoulders above the rest is "let me please find a gp that doesn't try to rush me out of his office"
Well done on finding that 1 in a million, I am sure there are many others who would agree with me" :grouphug:
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