no hope on the horizon? very frustated

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no hope on the horizon? very frustated

Postby funnybunny » Wed May 11, 2011 10:00 pm

i was diagnosed by gp in early 2010 and started on gabapentin (it produce severe drug induced depression) and have tried loads of other meds to no avail. im past breaking point at this stage, last october finally saw pain clinic after 2 referrals and 18 months and given arcoxia which left me with wheezing, rash and no positve effect, got letter on xmas eve to say dishcharged from clinic continue on prescirbed meds. GP unwilling to refer anywhere so i arranged appt with private rheume in feb 2011 and was confirmed as severe fibro and he listed the meds to help so back to gp, who had tried and wont try anything again. i have been taken off mood stabliser / anti psycotic and anti depressatnts last year due to the side efects and intolerances, so at this moment in time im not being treated for anything. I have taken this up with gp who has pointed out that i am doing "great" - im constantly trying lately to not think about ending it all so yes im "great"

i have had amensnia for several days in march / collapsed in hosp / sent to psych (twice) who explained im in better shape mentally tahn have been inlong time so psych wont see me - MH social worker had made 3 appts in recent months none of which she had turned up to - the electics off me are almightly - i have lost feeling in lower arm and hand for 0ver 2 weeks (its fibro you know.. gp said) - i have asked for some sort of help / treatment / support ... the reply (get a life.. get a job.. have kids... get on it)

when i have asked the gp why some of this things happen in my body (the shooting pain up both legs into spine and into back of head. when i put feet on floor) .. the falling all over the place ... she told me to get in the car and go for a drrive and cop on.. gp answer to all questiosn is: nothing in your body works like normal

this is actually the gp who diagnosed on the 3rd occasion i ever saw her, no tender points test just you have fibro heres some tablet, goodbey

i have tired all sorts of other therpaies but i cant afford to keep them up and have asked for referrrals for physio or OT - NO
changing surgery isnt an option as only one in the town and on the occasions im not able to drive i would t have hope of getting to a surgery soemwhere else ... no taxi service in this town and only 2 buses a day (but not in the right direction)

at wits end - havehad to seek private pain clicni and rhemu and physio and cant afford but when i didnt end up in hosp recdently with ansemis (dr pointed out fibro bis a made up illness and im a drug seeking hyopcondia) - id didnt ask for paracetamol as it doens make any diffentce - i id ask however a an extra pilow to support legs (how is that drug sekeking)
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Re: no hope on the horizon? very frustated

Postby shazq » Thu May 12, 2011 9:07 am

Sorry to read you are not getting any help with your fibro :hugs:

I know you said you cant change gp as you cant always drive to get there but i think it the best option for you, having an understanding gp makes a big difference, you could always ask for a home visit if you were to ill to get yourself there. :hugs:
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Re: no hope on the horizon? very frustated

Postby denys » Thu May 12, 2011 11:24 am

You sound as though you are between a rock and a hard place, as shaz has suggested I think your only option is to have a more sympathetic doctor, who will treat you as a human being with a chronic condition :fingerscrossed: you get some help and :goodluck1: :goodluck1:

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