DIffering Opinions between Consultants

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DIffering Opinions between Consultants

Postby countyfan » Mon May 23, 2011 10:06 pm

Hi All,

Just felt I had to have a moan about this as I feel it has caused a delay in diagnosing what is wrong with me!
I first went to the hospital, after GP referral, at the end of Feb this year. I saw a locum consultant, who after examining me, suggested I had RA and was ready to put me straight on to Immunosuppressants. I did have a steroid injection and further blood tests specific for RA and X Rays, but declined the Immunosuppressants till we knew the blood results.
In the middle of April I went back to the hospital and saw another consultant, who said it was more likely to be Fibro. However I had been given the steroid injection and been taking Diclofenac regularly since the last visit, so the swelling which had previously been there was noticeably absent. This consultant did send me for more blood tests but explained that there is no specific test for Fibro.
What worries me now, is that since taking Ami's to help me sleep through the night, I have felt so much better, that I cut out the Diclofenac. Now the swelling is visible again in my knuckles and I have severe costochondritis pain in my breastbone, both of which suggest some inflammatory process and was wondering if it was possible to have RA and FM alongside each other?? :crazy:
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Re: DIffering Opinions between Consultants

Postby Ldyalb » Mon May 23, 2011 10:23 pm

To the best of my knowledge yes you can. Have you tried an RA specific forum? That way you can see if lots of people on there have Fibro as well. I know around 30% of people with Lupus also have fibro and Lupus is another auto-immune disease.

Has any Rheumatoid Factor shown up in your blood? One GP I saw suspected RA but did warn me that RA can be sero-negative and not show up in the blood. I had ultrasounds and x rays to rule it out in the end
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