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New Old Sufferer

Postby GillSimo » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:38 pm

I'm 58, male...& a sufferer..... now, bike accident in 73, so...since around 78.
I won't go into the details....I've had a wee look around here and recognize FM only too well, so you'll also bound to know mine well enough without spelling it out I imagine.

But the getting here to this site might be worth a word or too many. thaaaaat's....34 years....and the first time I hear the term FM applied to me......bout 12 years ago now.
The 12 most agonizing of course....But not once did I ever think to type FIBROMYALGIA into Google....not even to find out about it, let alone seek contact/advice/support etc.

That's weird, it's not right. I'm very organized, methodical, logical etc.....100% Capricorn. If I see a problem I devise the obvious plan and execute it....done...move on to the next. I'm a regular Mr Spock when it comes to why didn't I ever do the logical thing for 12 years?

Perhaps because unlike Spock, thankfully, I have feelings....and those feelings have taken a right ole battering.
I threw away a wonderful career as a sound engineer & music producer, I `just` became boring....and lazy....and negative & no fun, according to good friends & all in general. I threw away a 22 year relationship, home, kids, the lot....apparently...because, according to my wife, I was `happy` to do nothing about it other than have a convenient excuse to not work....not take the kids out enough etc.....not `pull my weight`

And all the time , you're bloody sure that you're doing a damn sight better, under the circumstances, then most any other :swear1: that you know of, could ever manage....and being a whole lot quieter about it to boot!

But still....."Oh come on Clarkie, stop being so pathetic, it's a, have some fun for Christ sake. We've only been ere 3hrs, there's still 13 to go....come at least??....please.....?" " that it, stuff ya a grumpy git."

Then there's the medical profession......."Ummmmm....well, your GP is quite correct. I appreciate that `you` probably can't appreciate it Mr Clark.....but there's nothing wrong with you....not really, not as such. You've just got yourself into a vicious circle. You feel a little pain somewhere, you imagine it far worse,, you... tense up.....Stress Mr Clark....Stress! The tension causes more do less & less.....thus you stiffed feel a little pain....around and around..... a vicious circle!!!!. But it's largely psychological at the end of the day.....only you can take control Mr's only pain. It depends largely on how one chooses to experience it. ...We can all deal with it if only we try.........Mr Clark"

Then the benefits system...." Owww...K.... Mr Clark. Can you walk? Errr, well.....not when I'm flat on my back, screaming, overdosing on Tramadol & liquid Morphine.....because I forgot... & stupidly flushed the toilet handle or reached around to wipe my arse like any normal, can't walk then? "Ummm....yet you walked unaided from the car park to this room perfectly fine?...... Didn't you?....Mr Clark?....Ummmm?" "Look sir, walking ain't the half of my problem. In fact,there are many a circumstance where walking is a blessed relief in comparison to sitting....or laying down. It's quite exhausting at best & I most always suffer for it but......"
" So, So, So......Sorry....look Mr Clark. you can walk....sometimes? Yes?...In fact.....looking at your application, it would appear that you can just about do pretty much everything......sometimes.....Ummm?... .... ....Wouldn't you agree?....Agree with me....that perhaps your issue is more of the mind....than the body ....Mr Clark? neede to accept this, I suspect......and when you do, then I think you'll find that those days, when you don't feel like going for a little walk for instance...they will become a think of the time.....with effort.....& the appropriate support of course!"Dismissed, next.....and thus you learn, over two or three attempts lie.....about this can't see, can't hear, can't find,can't cure....can't therefore really believe, head trip...

"Come on, come's a nice day, you can do're not too bad today & anyway, remember, often as not a bit of work/movement helps whilst a rest makes it worse...Ok, let's plant these bloody potatoes, there's only 12 for God sake"
Neighbors look on......"Ere...Ere.....look at this, look at this......bad back supposedly...Ohhh, and legs....and his f'ing neck, his shoulders.....Haha...don't think there's anywhere he doesn't hurt, this one.....Changes his tune every time you ask 'im....bad back one minute, then no...when you catch him doing something....oh no....backs not so bad's the knees today....don't stop him from planting spuds tho' does it?"... Eh! "If he can plant bleedin spuds,then why can't he drive an f'ing I have to, five days a week? Nice work when you can choose it I reckon. Corr....disabled my arse!" "Awwwwww, dear God.....Oh Lord..., :swear1: that's hurting. Phew...Ok, how many's that.....5....OK..............Phew....7 more, come on!!!

I never thought to type FIBROMYALGIA into Google because I kinda lived the essence I didn't believe me's very hard to, under the kind of pressure & prejudice outlined.'s nice to find you, thanks for being.....and already I've learnt some hard facts that I had no idea about at all.

Firstly....that this is very much, predominantly a female thing......and secondly, according to this No 1 Google search result,

Fibromyalgia Diet » Fibromyalgia Support › Treatments
13 Jul 2009 – People who suffer from fibromyalgia are constantly under attack from ... eggplant, and peppers: May aggravate the pain of fibromyalgia and ...

And what?......and constantly?.....Really? This is all news to me!.......and we can't stop them? Like, not even collectively?
Christ, I've been buying those things for years.....I've even been eating them....seriously!....I have !!

Thank Heavens I've found you.
Good health to you's all
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Re: New Old Sufferer

Postby 2steps » Thu Mar 15, 2012 10:08 pm

Hi GillSim,

I sympathise it's easier to all round for the medical profession to ignore something that's not understood.
Thinking outside the box means spending time asking questions to a patient who is probably just a malingerer.
Sill I have to laugh asked GP for Thyroxine - I'm always cold and very foggy "no was the reply " you need a blood test for that can't prescribe something that effects your heart.

So what if it raises the effort that my heart makes I have tried other drugs with dreadful side effects, a lot of them affect your kidneys, consultant prescribed these so GP not to blame.

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Re: New Old Sufferer

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:46 pm

:wave: :wave: and :welcome: to the forum.

I've split your post into smaller and clearer paragraphs as quite a lot of us on here struggle with reading large blocks of text. I've also replaced a couple of expletives with the :swear1: :swear1: smilie as we do ask that unsuitable language isn't used in posts.

Have a look around as there is a lot of advice and info on here that you may find helpful. If there's anything you want to know, just ask and we'll see how we can help you with it.
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Re: New Old Sufferer

Postby Roseofsharon » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:58 pm

Hi GillSimo, sorry that you've suffered with this problem.

Thankyou for your post, I was shouting at my computer as I was reading it - saying all the things that probably I've wanted to say to others, but I'm too polite. Isn't that a part of our problem though, we're brought up to be polite, and 'watch' our manners, so when people look at us and say these awful things we just smile or say something 'nice' or make and excuse rather than say that they are just downright wrong or otherwise just speak our minds? what is it about society that speaking our minds or speaking the truth has become 'wrong' or 'impolite'. Please don't get me wrong I'm all for being well mannered and not swearing at people, but where did that suddenly morph into us not telling people the truth about how we feel, and how things are affecting us? More of us need to stand up(sorry bad pun here I think) and tell the world that we suffer and that yes one day it's our back and another it's our knees or our chest or whatever it is that's acting up at that precise moment in time. Yes we are still disabled, and who cares if one day we can go for a nice meal with friends, but the next few days we pay for it? isn't us that make that choice after all?

As the Slogan from this years Holocaust Memorial Day stated "Stand Up Speak Out". If we don't the world will continue to go on in ignorance and things such as what you have posted will continue to be the order of the day for the world loves to be Ignorant and belligerent, however if we stand up and speak our minds when they are, we can maybe enlighten those around us, and they in turn will enlighten those around them, and then the circle will grow for if network marketing is correct then we are all connected by only 6 people apart, so if we all start to inform and enlighten our own circles then surely it won't take long for the whole world to be enlightened. It's then up to them what they do with the information.

Sorry for the Rant and getting on my own hobby horse, I hope I haven't hijacked your thread. Welcome to the forum - I learnt a lot when I joined, I hope you do too.
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Re: New Old Sufferer

Postby 2steps » Fri Mar 16, 2012 8:27 am

I can speak three languages English, sarcasm and profanity....think this is a part of being so frustrated with this condition.

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