Old but new here Quick Outline

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Old but new here Quick Outline

Postby stephenRT » Mon May 14, 2012 12:02 pm

Hi here I go Life of stress poor sleep, now bad dream each night, bad night = bad next day half a 1 a night night-all helps a lot must
take break of a week after each packet.
Fibro How long not sure 10+ years almost gave up till 5 years ago changed GP now I have Fibro , over the past 5 years my well
being has improved but at a cost, started by sleeping downstairs in a quiet darkened room well tucked in and safe, before
a bird on the roof would wake me, played music on a timer till asleep 10pm to 7.30am when I the spend a hour doing
stretching in warm water 37 Deg and yes take the pills
Meds now Lyrica, Fluoxetine( when I wake up in the night I smile and turn over ),Diclofenac x 2 day which takes away my neck pain,
and one odd tablet that's in question " Imdur " see below.
Other Problems High Blood Pressure warn out spin, while trying to get to the bottom of my illnesses which included chest pain ( far left )
at the same time as the pain my blood pressure left to right arm would change, say R 150/95 L 120/90 so is this angina or
get this there are flaps in your arteries that open and close to stop blood flowing back i think called "leaflets" which get
this are muscle all I can say is the one a day stopped the pain and that blood pressure problem, If you get pain in the
middle chest and may be take antacids try this for 3 days stop all wheat, corn including any item that have them in, found
this out after 20 years on re-fluz pills.
More later

Though for to-day " Just flow with it " posting.php?mode=post&f=4#
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Re: Old but new here Quick Outline

Postby shazq » Mon May 14, 2012 1:36 pm

:welcome: to the forum Stephen :wave:
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