Im new - :(

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Im new - :(

Postby ames » Fri May 25, 2012 1:55 pm

Hey all - Im Amy- have suffered for nearly 6 years - to and thro from different dr's now under persistant pain team.

Pain, exhaustion, stiffness etc been really bad lately walking is becoming a struggle -I could cry - been on co codamol which help ever so slighlty, was on ametryptaline for restless lesgs(sp?) but that has stopped as now on propanalol for being tachycardic.

I went back to my Gp yesterday as Ive had enough Im struggling with work ( I feel asleep twice this week at work ) and hes sure I have fibromyalgia and informs me there is nothing that can be done :(

I have a private appointment with a rheumatologist monday to discuss it all.

I have wrote down everything I suffer with ie- pain (burning, stiffness, restless legs,headaches, twictching, exhaustion - even the school run knows me sideways - and i drive there ! to take with me as my concentration is rubbish atm and I know Im going to get emotional and forget something wvwn writing hurts!.

I just need some answers and to get this under control of possible- Im a 30year old woman who used to dace and run - and now close to giving up work as im struggling that much and have to rest a lot .

Sorry if this is a 'moany' first post but after 6 years of pain and discomfort - I now know and am quite scared ( if i am honest- that it will get worse and not sure how to cope with it all.

Would love advise and to hear from any one on what next and what to expect from the rheumatologist

Ames xx
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Re: Im new - :(

Postby shazq » Fri May 25, 2012 4:32 pm

:welcome: to the forum Ames :wave:

:goodluck1: With the Rheumy, as you already have the diagnoses of fibro i am not sure what the rheumy will do? normally the GP will send you to see a rheumy to get the dx. Are you going for a second opinion? he might do pressure point test to see where your pain is coming from.? They will prob do blood tests & might put you on new meds.? With it being a private appt i am not sure if they send you for physio or pain clinics.
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Re: Im new - :(

Postby ames » Fri May 25, 2012 11:48 pm

Thank you for the reply -

I feel like in in a bubble atm - its good to know whats going on and why - but cant get my head around it yet after so long.!

It all started when i developed severe spd with my last daughter whose 6 this year - as a result my pelvis is wonky spine/posture it all out and I have nerve damage in my back - but over the years the pain has spread -

I wake up any time from 230 in agony and stiff all over (like Ive ceased up) the pain burns in my back neck, shoulders, legs basically all over- the more i do the worse it is -my muscles twitch, i get tingling and numbness - restless legs not sure if its related but i get head aches -excruciating periods, im always cold and this adds to the pain and stiffness, just exhausted all the time and my memory / thinking it shot probably down to the exhaustion ....

im under the pain team but they havent been much help at all - i finally decided enough is enough and went back to my gp in tears yesterday as my day to day life is affected - massively...

Im paying privetly to get the appointment quicker then can be transfered over to the nhs

Im only on co-codamol 30/500 mg(volterol and tramedol as and when - i was on ametripteline 75mg a night for the restless legs - but im now on propanalol for tachycardia so they stopped it ...i use a tens also - although nothing ive tried takes it away

Really hoping the consultant monday can help - ive done nothing but cry today - my partners been amazing but not sure he fully understands

I found this forum and am amazed by how many people it effects

hopefully my post will be less depressing

Thank you again xx
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Re: Im new - :(

Postby animalhouse » Mon Jun 04, 2012 9:20 am

ihope the rhuemy can be of help to you.

i found them useful as got better medications prescribed and steroid injections in hips and wrists to help relieve the pain.

i have found my new gp nice but no good at being of help, got tramadol once but thats its on another range of meds but know others have gotten stronger stuff but got the same as you - nothing else we can do :nono: :nono:

take care :-)
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