A rambly hello! x

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A rambly hello! x

Postby cherrymage » Fri Jun 22, 2012 9:16 pm

Hello everyone :)

It's so hard to know what to write as an introduction..and I feel a bit of a fraud for even being here to be honest, because I don't actually have a diagnosis. I guess I'll tell you abit about myself though and how I ended up joining these forums. (I'll try to keep it short so I don't bore you!) :P

It all started 6 years ago, after having a flu-like virus. Following that I became so utterly exhausted. I slept all day and all night for almost 4 months, I couldn't go to college (which I loved), I couldn't even stay awake long enough to eat a meal. The doctors I saw during this time told me to wait and see how it went.

Gradually I became able to function again, but after that I always got tired very easily. I started going to college again, but I had no social life as doing anything aside from college was too much for me. I missed lots of college too and pretended to have stomach bugs because people thought I was just being lazy if I told them the real reason I was unable to go in.

Then I got into uni and moved away from home. I tried so hard to manage but I couldn't look after myself :( I eventually left and moved back home, so that my parents could look after me. Having to do that broke my heart :(

At this time I was also in a lot of pain, particularly upper abdo pain and tenderness across my chest. I had a lot of tests done regarding this and was prescribed tons of pills, but they were just guessing at things and I never got diagnosed with anything.

This went on for a long time and I eventually I refused to go to any more appointments or take any more pills. The next few years I struggled on with being exhausted and trying to work. Gradually more and more parts of my body starting hurting. I remember finally giving in and going back to my GP, with my list of symptoms;

Periods of Insomnia some months and periods of oversleeping others
extremely painful aching joints and bones (tib & fib, knees, ankles, shoulders, back, elbows and forearms mostly)
Aching muscles (like I'd done a hard workout when I hadn't)
Upper abdo pains
really bad migraines where I vomit if I move
heart palpitations
itchy, twitching legs at night

The appointment was for one problem only though, so I was told to pick the thing off the list that was the worst, it felt like my GP was calling me a hypochondriac when he told me that. Anyways, I picked the heart palpitations because they scared me the most (even though they weren't the worst symptom). I had an ECG and it came back normal.

After that I never told another doctor all of my symptoms at once, but I went back several times over certain things. I've been told the aches and pains are normal/from doing too much/doing too little, I've been given medication for my migraines (that I was allergic to, doh!) and also been diagnosed with depression.

In the past 12 months I have been getting progressively worse though. My bones/joints/muscles hurt all the time now and I am too exhausted to do even the simplest things, however I also cannot sleep and when I do sleep I wake up feeling as though I haven't. My eyesight has also been getting worse quite quickly too. A year ago I had perfect vision and now I can't even see peoples faces when they're talking to me. My eyesight is better some days and worse other's though so I think maybe it's a cognitive thing. I also used to be intelligent and bright and now even simple problems and it's like I just can't compute or communicate. I get this really weird throat thing too, which feels like my epiglottis is in the way and I can't clear it, which is bizarre!

I wanted to join these forums, because every time I research my symptoms, Fibromyalgia crops up. I always think that I couldn't have something like that and that even if I did I'd never get diagnosed because so little is known about it and so many doctors don't accept it.

Whether I have it or not though, I know my symptoms are at least somewhat similar and right now I just need to talk to people who understand. My friends and family think I'm lazy and a burden and I feel like a complete waste of life. I want to be well and do all the things I aspire to do and it absolutely kills me to be so exhausted, in so much pain and so unable to do everything :(

I know I should really be going back to the doctor and telling him all this, I'm trying to build up the courage to go though :)

Well, so much for keeping it short!! I'm knackered after writing all that and I'm sure you're knackered from reading it too..I'm sorry! :o

Chrissy x
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Re: A rambly hello! x

Postby loubie » Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:31 pm

hi chrissy :wave:

book a double appointment with your gp and have a good chat
don't be afraid to ask if it mite be fm

write things down so you don't forget anything and its always helpful
if you can take someone with you, my hubby is my note book :lol: :lol: :lol:

you do need to find out what is going on so be strong and book to see someone

welcome to the forum its good to have you with us :-D
any questions just ask and we will all try our best to help
:welcome: :welcome: :wave:
loubie xx

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Re: A rambly hello! x

Postby shazq » Sun Jun 24, 2012 10:05 pm

:welcome: to the forum chrissy :wave:
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