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Hi newbie

Postby niknoo » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:24 am

Hi everyone

I have been diagnosed with fibro 9 yrs ago I was suffering from shoulder pain and generalised joint pain though when i think about it when i was in my late teen I would have pain that i would describe as though my bones in my knees and hips were bruised .

Over the years I have tried different natural therapies and been on and off anti depressants .

I found that the week before my period was due I would be in a lot more pain and get so tired i would become really down and and tearful think i got so flustrated I couldnt do the things I wanted to.

Last year I went to doctor as was feeling a lot worse and funny chest tightness really bad pain in hips pain under ribs and into back and strange jolts in bed when i was trying to sleep then palpatations . I then had gallbladder pain and ended up in hospital and got my gallbladder out . Recovered well for op and in meantime the doc rang to say blood tests showed that i had gone through menopause . I am 44 and have the merina coil in and even though i had spotting once a month it had become a bit eratic so hadnt thought of menopause.

From spring this year i have had stomach problems chest pain bladder problems more numbness and tingling and right hand side pain into my ribs bloating tummy pressure i have been getting more and more worried about. Doctor sent me to have heart checked did treadmill all results good . then surgeon about tummy and bowel problems . said bowel problems due to gallbladder removal and recently had camera down and showed stomach inflammation again this could be due to op. Sent to see Rheumatologist had x ray s said i have osteoporosis and i am going to see neurologist on sunday .

My gp said that when i have gone to see all these consultants and all is ok that it could be anxiety . I hate now going back but every day is a struggle and all i do is look forward to going to bed even though i wake throughout the night feeling as though i cant move .

My nana had lupus and am worried that my symptoms are being missed .

Could anyone please shed any light on this or have any advice the could offer me I would really appreciate it. :-) :-) :-?
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