Is it fibromyalgia?

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Is it fibromyalgia?

Postby steviep43 » Mon Jan 21, 2013 3:52 pm

Hi everyone

I'll try and be brief. I'm trying to find out if you think I have fibromyalgia. Symptoms:

Zero libido
Legs ache, particularly after any form of exercise
Always tired and tire easily
Sleep a lot (8-8.5 hours weekdays, up to 9.5 hours weekends)
Minor IBS for two and a half years (slight pain in lower left hand side, worse on powdered milk and raw nuts)

Initally I thought I was overdoing the gym having put on 2 stone of muscle and doing a lot of squats, seeing great gains in my legs. However last summer my legs took longer and longer to recover between sessions and I became incredibly tired. Thought I'd overdone it so backed off going, then my gym closed down so haven't been since.

Last Sunday I wanted to try some exercise so went for a 10 minute jog. For the next 3 days my quads and groin area was in agony, making walking very difficult. By day 4 it was tolerable but surely they shouldn't have hurt that much after a 10 minute jog? My legs should be used to regular exercise - I walk to and from work every day (4 mile round trip). But by the end of the week my legs are tired and I'm tired. My legs are the only physical pain I get, I don't get aches all over the body.

The Doctor tested my blood and everything was fine. She then suggested relationship counselling for my libido (!). After I persuaded her it wasn't that she suggested CFS and gave me a website to read about but that was it. I'm going back to a different doctor soon but just wondered if these symptoms could be fibromyalgia? My Mum had ME growing up and she was really ill, sometime bed ridden - I'm nothing like that. I can function day to day I'm just tired all the time, and the libido issue is affecting my relationship.

Any advice welcome. Thanks very much

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Re: Is it fibromyalgia?

Postby denys » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:25 pm

Hi Steve I am moving your post into introductions as it is your first post and I think you will get more hits. So :welcome: to the forum :wave: and then we cannot say whether or not a person has FM or anything else we aren't qualified. If you go onto the NHS website and print out some information, make an appointment with your doc and show them why you think you may have it.

Unfortunately a diagnosis is generally made by excluding other conditions that have similar symptoms and so can take quite some time to reach so :fingerscrossed: you get a diagnosis as quickly as possible :-D

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Re: Is it fibromyalgia?

Postby shazq » Mon Jan 21, 2013 4:38 pm

:welcome: Steve

Its difficult for any of us to say whether you have fibro because non of us are doctors, there are so many symptoms to fibro so it can take some time to get an diagnoses. Fibro does not show up on any tests so other things have to be ruled out first.

The best thing to do is have a read around the forum to see if you have any other symptoms and write them down.
Has your gp ever mentioned fibro to you before? some gp`s will dx you themselves where as others will send you to see a Rheumy.

Hope you get some answers soon. :goodluck1:
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Re: Is it fibromyalgia?

Postby FluppyPuffy » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:01 pm

:welcome: to the forum Steve :wave: :wave:

Sorry to hear about the different things you've been experiencing, how long have you been suffering with them?? Just wondering as for both FM and CFS/ME, symptoms tend to be present for 3~6 months before dx's tend to be considered (well according to the bumph I'm working my way thru in sessions with my area's CFS Service :-? :-? )

As Denys and Shaz have already said, we can't say if what you are experiencing could be FM (or even CFS/ME) For that you need a suitable healthcare professional, be it your GP or a Rheumatologist/other consultant/specialist. Whilst what you have described could be indicative of either or both conditions (it is possible to have both together) it could also be due to a number of other conditions that share a lot of similar symptoms. These other conditions tend to be the ones that tests, scans etc are used to investigate, and when these have been looked into and discounted, then a dx of FM tends to be given.

Between now and your next appt, I'd follow Shaz's advice about looking into other symptoms and writing down the ones that you have. You can take this with you to your appt and use it to help show why you feel FM may the reason for what you have been experiencing. Hopefully from there it will help get things going in the right direction to you getting a dx for your problems.
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Is it fibromyalgia?

Postby Morgana » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:29 pm

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Symptoms vary from person to person... as has been said, you really need to see your doctor again

Mo x
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