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Postby shelbydw » Tue May 14, 2013 3:00 pm

Hi everyone :)

I'm Shelby and Ive been hovering around here for a while but after yesterdays doctor appointment i thought i'd tell you all my story and see what your opinions are; i apologise in advance if it takes a while....

So background - Im 28, mother of 2, fitness instructor and study dance at uni. A very active person (well i was) always full of beans and often called upon for my positivity. A few years back i started having sporadic occasions where my bicep or quad muscle would hurt and tremble involuntarily but they were so sporadic i just got the deep heat out and plodded on. Then my ear went funny and now its always full of white noise (if u knowwhat i mean) Then last August I had surgery (cosmetic) and since then i noticed a strange feeling in my arm when i trained with weights. Started seeing physio and she said i had adhesion on my shoulder and a dodgy vertebra but with massage and stretches it should fix. Couple of month ago I noticed (well actually my mam noticed) that i was getting very forgetful and clumsy - at one point even falling flat on my back holding my little girl, in the road :O along with this my neck, back and shins and joints were sore and my hands full of pins and needles. Clearly something not right so i went to docs...he was great, dismissed any stress anxiety etc straight away and looked at the physical symptoms...nothing wrong with inner ear, took bloods to test for loads of stuff. Last couple of weeks the fatigue kicked in to the point where i needed naps!! I never nap! It was painful to teach my classes and i kept forgetting the routines (luckily my clients are great and know them off by heart :-D ) Had a physio appointment and told her the crack, she said it may have been a viral fatigue or it could be fibro and she was a bit concerned about me teaching with this going on. Weekend gone the fatigue seemed to lift but the pain has increased, its everywhere and now includes a horrible sort of restless energy ontop of growing pain type pain!
Went back to docs yesterday he said bloods were all normal, absolutely no sign of arthritis/inflammation. He said with regards to your symptoms try a course of anti-inflammatorys (?) (Naproxen) I mentioned Fibro and he said it may be stress, it may be fibro but theres no test so you'll just have to take pain killers and keep exercising!!!! Then sent me on my not so merry way! So I'm now still in pain and none the wiser! Surely something is causing me to feel this way and it cant b passed over as one of them things can it?!

Im so sorry that was such a long post but Im just really frustrated and for the first time today in a dance rehearsal I actually felt quite teary because it was such an effort and that is so not like me. I just thought Id see if anyone had any advice for me?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Much love
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Re: Frustrated...advice?

Postby shazq » Tue May 14, 2013 4:22 pm

:welcome: to the forum Shelby :cow-wave:

Have a look around the forum to see if you have any other symptoms and write them all down, as fibro does not show up in any tests it can take a long time to get the dx as other things have to be ruled out first.

Show the list to your gp and just keep going back until you get some answers.

If things have been going on for a few months i would ask your gp to refer you to a Rheumy as they are the ones who normally dx you with fibro, although some gp`s are doing it themselves now. The Rheumy will then write to your gp to tell them what medication to start you on then your gp will take on the care.

There is no inflammation with fibro, most docs will start us on Amitriptyline as in a low dose it helps with pain and sleep and in a higher dose it will help with depression.
Here is a link of some meds used to treat fibro, you could print it off and go through them with your gp as being on the right med should help your pain. ... tment.aspx

We have lots of info on here, if there is anything else you would like to know just ask. :cow-wave:
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