Newbie - feeling lost!

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Newbie - feeling lost!

Postby zoem1503 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:58 am

Hey - not sure if anyone can help -

I've been suffering with pain (hip/lower back/leg) tiredness/fatigue for probably the last 3 years - I just feel like I'm getting nowhere!!
I've had a trigger point injection in the SI joint and a micro discetomy (for slipped disc which was trapping sciatic nerve) and I'm waiting for another trigger point injection. I have had 5 lots of physio but not really found it much help - he had suggested sending me to a pain clinic but the changed his mind.

I have taken various meds - co codamol, tramdol, amitriptalyn, fentanyl patches and zopiclone - I managed to get off all the meds as the doctor said they may be making me tired - but without the meds the pain is too intense to do the smallest of tasks - I take tramadol and co codamol at the moment.

Someone suggested fibromyalgia as I'm always so tired and fatigued and always in pain - it feels like the achiness you get when you have the flu - but it's always there! The pain also wakes me at night which in turn makes me tired which then makes the pain worse. I also wake up with numb arms at times - I have had nerve tests but these are fine - I also get numb/tingly arm and legs at other times in the day. As well as this I experience a lot of pain - the pain tends to radiate from my left hip - but travels across my back and down my leg - making my leg feel heavy and achey and causing me to limp.

Just doing little things wear me out and make me exhausted - just popping out for milk and bread and I'm exhausted and need to rest - I have given up on the "big shop" as I just get so tired I can't make it round - online shopping is my saviour! The extreme tiredness comes on like a switch - people around me can tell when I have "gone" or hit the wall! For me I just feel exhausted - need to sit down and rest - but think there are probably other signs people pick up and like me not being responsive/holding conversations as the pain and exhaustion has taken over.

I also feel low and disengaged at times - I can have conversations with people and then need to ask them to repeat things as I can't concentrate/take the info in. I also feel guilty for not being able to do the things with the kids that I feel I should - getting out the house can be difficult sometimes.

Other things include sensitivity to cold/raynauds, tingly/numbness/pins and needles in my arms and hands (nerve tests were clear), headaches (also migraines brought on by certain foods/smells/weather)

I approached my consultant about fibromyalgia - he said ask my gp - my gp just printed off an info sheet about fibromyalgia and said there aren't really any tests for it? Just feel a bit lost at the moment and didn't know if you could suggest any help - or if it sounds like a possibility?

Sorry just re-read and I sound like a right moaning minnie!
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Re: Newbie - feeling lost!

Postby denys » Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:33 am

Hi and :welcome: to the forum, you will understand that we cant say whether or not you have FM but your GP can and if he isnt confident at coming to a diagnosis then he can refer you to a rhuematologist who can.

You need to go through a barrage of tests to rule out any other conditions and this may include blood tests, MRI's, trigger point etc. If all other possible conditions are ruled out, then you may get a diagnosis of FM, for many of us it took a number of years to reach this stage. Then there are various treatments, not all medication based, FM normally needs a multi-discipline approach which may include talking therapies amongst others.

So go back to your GP and ask for a referral in the first instance and hopefully you will find some answers :-D

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