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Postby gilld » Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:31 pm

I'm between specialists who don't seem to know what I have. Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis about 9 years ago. Have been aware of something else not right for over a year, but when you accept one chronic condition and have to give up work you loved because of it, I seem to be in double denial. Does that make sense? Current specialist has said I am 'complex case' and need to be seen at hospital after my bloods showing weird stuff which I don't understand some of. Am waiting for appt. Dealing with DWP who referred ME to appeal (????) and contemplating new ESA50 which I think I can claim if paid enough NI. I am seriously not sure where I am on stages of grief, but am crying, can't do stuff like washing, place is a tip and my head gets so dizzy with like a 'whooshing' sound going back and forth. I feel so tired of it all and fighting DWP...who in their right mind gives up a job they love with good salary to live on a pittance? Never had problem with IB, but ESA is a shameful way of getting us off the statistics..I feel so vulnerable at the moment and scared that this depression will just overcome me one day and I WILL be one less statistic off their books. Has/does anyone feel that way? Help!
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Re: Hello

Postby denys » Sat Jun 14, 2014 4:19 pm

Hi and :welcome: to the forum I have split your post off from where you posted and made it into its own as I think it might have got lost where it was and hopefully you will get more replies with it being here.

I think we have all been where you are now, dealing with a chronic condition tends to wear us all down at one time or another add the DWP on top and who wouldnt feel as you are sometimes. Without a diagnosis things can get difficult and confused so if I were you I would push your GP to either refer you to whoever they feel is appropriate or diagnose you themselves with whatever they think is wrong.

Once you know then you can take the appropriate steps to dealing with it :-D :-D :-D

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