im back

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im back

Postby dayshaddow » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:27 am

hi ya i joined up awhile ago but havnt posted for god knows how long,so i figgured here is the place to restart :-D so im a 32 year old guy with fibro.i got a dx a few years back and have been plodding ever since.i thort i was doing ok,my wife believes differnt?

so why have i returned well i got fired last week,they said its because of attence but it was really about the company policy which is you must call in within the hour of your shift starting.sounds simple right but no.the managers who were supposed to be on site had there mobiles turned off or wernt on site to answer the calls,also the cronic fatuege i get leaves me asleep and my wife is unable to wake me means at times i couldnt make that call in the hour.i had running battles with managers and hr.ive been called a lier and thats with severial letters from my doc saying about the fibro and the sleep problems it comes with,the company nurse backed me up. my last meeting with management i was told "it dosnt matter what ever my doctor says and what i say will always be wrong,the company nurse repoerts dont count as he can only go on what i have told him and since im a lier...well you get the idea.

i havnt done anything about this as yet as i just needed a few days to rest up,tmr is monday and its time to get busy,if any of you guys have any advice/ideas please feel free as i already know ive got one hell of a fight ahead.i dont actually want to be re inployed with them but i would like them to to suffer because they called me a lier so many times :nono:
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Re: im back

Postby rich44 » Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:48 am


Sorry to hear about all of that, there's not much worse than a bad employer.

I would start by checking if your home insurance policy has a legal helpline and so get some advice from them.

If you can remember the dates & times when you tried to call in then write them down now.

How long had you worked there?

Unfortunately tribunals are a bit of a nightmare courtesy of our caring tory led government.

You could also get in touch with CAB see what they suggest.

Unfortunately given the circumstances & your health you might be better off chalking it up to experience and moving on with your life.

Good luck
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Re: im back

Postby Lindilou » Sun Aug 31, 2014 11:43 am

:welcome: Personally, I would 'move on' they are not worth the time, energy or the effort. The only thing you need to be concentrating on is yourself and not those idiots :hugs:

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