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Postby Lovinglady1111 » Sun Sep 14, 2014 10:41 am


Im new to this forum and just wanted to drop in a say hi.

I was diagnosed with Fibro earlier this year, I don't know anyone with the condition and came across this forum and have found it very informative. Not many people know I have this condition. The doctor diagnosed this after the pressure point test and going by the issues I have had with the pain in body, arms and legs mostly (think voodoo doll stabbing pains)and bladder issues, pins and needles and get the fuzzy head problem mostly around time of my period, from what I have read on here it is called fibro fog. My rig cage hurts tremendously, especially in the morning. I have had IBS related issues regarding my bowels and have had all of this checked and everything is ok. I often feel like an old lady in her 70's, especially with my bladder problems. Getting that investigated at the moment and on pills for that along with all the other pain meds.

I am coming to terms with the diagnoses and pain varies day to day but coping ok. plantar fasciitis is another issue I have but is on the mend.
I think all of this has flared up after having a mis diagnosed thyroid problem and after a stress trauma, anxiety problems which having read on here can cause flair ups, been having on off problems for over 4 years now and have been pointed in the fibromyalgia direction.

My other half is concerned it may be another mis diagnosed but after reading all the symptoms and investigating the condition myself I am coming to terms that it is this condition. After the doctor not finding my thyroid problems in the beginning, my partner lost faith in my doctor.
The doctors said that I don't need to worry about the future but it is a concern for me as I haven't yet started a family and wonder if it will get worse. I know I cant die from it but the future worries me a bit. I try to remain fit and healthy but have noticed I get a lot of fatigue and pain when I start building up my exercise regime. I try to build up gradually as before this, I was physically really fit in my opinion but often struggle with the fatigue afterword's and although physically and mentally drained afterwards, if I do it at night I actually get a good sleep, its just I feel more tried the next day.

I hope I can relate to someone on this forum and hope to be here to chat with fellow fibro sufferers .

Lovinglady1111 <3 :-D
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Re: HI

Postby Theresa34 » Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:30 pm

Hi I'm a stay at home mum to three, married. I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis last year my my rheumatologist after having first a knee swell up then a month later my toes. Then in Jan this year I started to feel like I had the flu. It didn't go away and I just felt really terrible. I saw my rheumatologist in Feb this year and got diagnosed with fibro also. I am now on Amitriptyline, recently also gabapentin, thyroxine for thyroid, vitamin D. I was told a few years ago I have ibs but it doesn't get too bad. Just get bloated here and there. I used to take a lot of painkillers everyday, but it realised I was taking more and more every week as they were becoming ineffective. I decided that it just wasn't working for me so I stopped taking them all the time. I find them more effective taking them as and when. So I can go days without then take maybe two in a day (ibuprofen).

I manage my fibro by moving as much as possible. I tend to get very stiff when I sit or lie in for too long. I try to do some Pilates when I have the chance as it helps with flexibility and my back pain. I try not to look to the future as it is unknown. I take every day at a time. I think this is the best advice I can give, take every day as it comes and don't worry about the future as this condition is so varied from one person to another. I too feel like an old lady when I get out of a chair and feel sore and stiff. I've just turned 35!

Anyway, try and keep positive and don't let this thing be who you are. Ok? Chin up xxx
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Re: HI

Postby FluppyPuffy » Sun Sep 14, 2014 12:58 pm

:cow-wave: :cow-wave: and :welcome: to our little sanctuary LovingLady :cow-wave: :cow-wave: :cow-wave:

It's good to hear you've already found things on here informative, and that you are finding your way towards coming to terms with your dx. It takes time, and can be a bit of a bumpy ride, as you get closer tho, things do tend to become a little smoother and manageable, at least for part of the time.

I can understand why your OH is concerned about another mis~dx, esp with something as vague and unpredictable as FM. There are so many symptoms, associated problems, conditions etc which can/are shared with other possible illnesses, plus FM can initially present itself as seemingly something completely different to what it really is. This happened to me, with me spending 4 years being treated for inner ear problems and causing many a specialist to scratch their heads in confusion as to why I wasn't responding to any of the meds, treatments, therapies normally used to help manage such issues. It was only after additional things started to appear and intensify that the GP I saw sent me to see a Rheumatologist, who, based on my history and current experiences, as well as seeing me splatter over the ceiling when he carried out the Tender Point test, gave me the great news about my dx, as well as a leaflet about the condition as he was jiffling out of his room :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:

Wondering and worrying about the future is something that we all do at some point, esp with a chronic illness in the mix. When someone tells you not to tho, I've found it seems to stir things up even more, with all sorts of scenarios forming, mostly ones I would never usually consider :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: It's difficult to say what will happen in the future as we're all affected so very differently. The best I can say is that things are likely to change over time, but such changes may not ultimately be for the worse. It is still possible to do the things that we hoped and dreamt of with FM in the mix. It may not be in a way that we had originally envisaged, and it may take a little longer to reach that ultimate goal, but getting there can be an adventure in itself to be enjoyed too. There have been a few on here who are/have gone thru pregnancies with FM, if you try the Search box in the top right corner of each page, it should bring up various topics for you to have a read of.

Trying to keep yourself as fit, healthy and active as you can is always a good thing to do. When it comes to increasing activity levels tho, the usual rules do tend to go straight out of the window tho. For example, pre~FM you might have added 5 reps to each exercise that you did every 2~3 days, or may have added a few mins onto how long you were doing something for on a pretty regular basis. Now, with your capabilities and limits of what you can manage being so unpredictable, such increases may well not be possible. Instead you may find that the most you can manage is 1 rep added to one exercise per week, or half a minute added to how long you can do an exercise for on a weekly basis. It's a case of starting off with some very teeney~tiny, wobbly first steps, with them being increased very, very gently when you are able to manage it. At times it may seem that you're getting nowhere, but you will eventually reach that magical point you're looking for, even if it means taking that longer, more scenic route that you would have previously considered.

You may find that you're pleasantly surprised at how many people can and do relate to you and some of your experiences, just as you will find that you can relate to others and some of what they deal with. Anything that you want to know about, just ask and we'll try and help you with an answer. And for those times when we can't, there is always plenty of [chocolate] [chocolate] [chocolate] [chocolate] [chocolate] [chocolate] [chocolate]
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