Meeting another fibromyalgia survivor by chance

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Meeting another fibromyalgia survivor by chance

Postby poppysmith » Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:05 pm

I am new, that is I don't think I have posted before but I have serious memory issues.
By chance I met a fellow survivor living in my area. It is amazing not having to explain myself to her on the days when I can barely communicate.
I have been on pregabalin and duloxetine since diagnosis 3 years ago. A month ago the medics wanted me to reduce the pregabalin by 150mg every 2 weeks. I said ok I thought it was not doing much for me, how wrong could I have been , on going down to half my pain and anxiety went through the roof, causing me to need extra tramadol and diazepam to cope.
Thankfully I have gone back to 300mg b.d and I am much better than I was. Just my experience.
I have many serious conditions but I am now a "why not me?" Taken a while to reach this point.
It is good not to feel alone.
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Re: Meeting another fibromyalgia survivor by chance

Postby Helhit » Tue Sep 16, 2014 9:33 am

I was in Wilkos with my hubby when he got taking to a client he hadn't seen for ages. The chap was using a motability scooter, so hubby asked how he was. At this point I should have recognised the look - we all know it: here we go, they're never going to believe me, never heard of it and but you look ok!
Well the relief on his face when he said it was fibro and hubby said I had it too. I was having a good day, so stick was in bag, so you couldn't tell from looking at me.

We ended up having a discussion over medication and symptoms, all whilst in the queue.

Although it's awful, it felt great to finally meet a fellow fibro fighter
Fibro is like the wind. You can't see it and when it flares up it knocks you off your feet!
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