hi everyone

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hi everyone

Postby galio » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:06 am

I'm here!!!! after the last 4 years of progressively getting more and more unexplained pain and fatigue I went to my gp and ask for answers to problems I have had for years. I had an idea that I possibly had fibro but was rather hoping all the problems were down to my hypermobility syndrome which was not diagnosed either

gp was convinced I had fibro but had no idea of what hms was, he agreed to refer me to rhumatology and I got a double diagnosis. the first time I heard about fibromyalgia was when I attended a hms suport meeting with my newly dignosed son, so many things were dropping in place when speaking to some members with the double diagnosis.

I have struggled to keep going with work and in the last year have changed locations and reduced hours to try and keep going, I have been back working for 4 weeks and so far have ended up in bed at 7pm wed thurs fri nights each week! I think im doing well at the moment and live in hope that things get better rather than worse.

I am trying to figure out the best way forward for me and refuse to take this lying down, well apart from week day nights when my body refuses to listen to my brain :lol:
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Re: hi everyone

Postby denys » Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:21 am

Hi and :welcome: to the forum glad you finally know whats wrong but what a diagnosis 2 in the one day :shock: :shock: :shock:

I've broken your post up into smaller paragraphs as it makes it easier for us fibrofogs to read things :cow-wave: :cow-wave:

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