One to show the non believer's

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One to show the non believer's

Postby Seramis74 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:29 pm

I am new to the forum and read the list below, haven't been able to stop sniffling since. it took the doctor 2 years to diagnose my temporal arteritis, I was almost dead when I was admitted, then a year to diagnose the fibromyalgia, since then she has pretty much ignored me.

I used to be a Karate teacher and now feel my body is against me. I meditate, walk, do yoga, eat well, I am allergic to painkillers so it's either a night in pain or itching all over, nothing seems to help me sleep except the strongest sleeping tablets. I seem to be more depressed after taking these, is that normal?

I have no one to talk to and feel both ashamed that I am being so miserably depressed and sad that I can't seem to explain how much pain I am in. I have been told I am fit to work yet can hardly get out of bed in the morning. My partner is good with the practical, taking me to appts. getting my prescriptions, making me tea etc. but he is not able to understand what I am going through and says he doesn't need to read about it as it will only make him miserable and unable to do things for me.

My daughter has some dreadful problems of her own and I don't feel I can burden her with how I feel although I haven't been able to make the trip to see her and my grandchildren in months. I no longer drive, my life seems to be closing in on me and yet I feel pressure all round, financially, from the benefits people, from those closest to me to be well and not show my pain or distress.

Before I was diagnosed with TA the doctor told me it was all in my imagination and I was making things worse for myself by constant worrying, the pain was agonising but I hung on in there, managed to fight for the tests I needed. This pain is different and I feel like it is defeating me. I used to think I was strong and now feel pathetic and weak.

I have had to stop the post several times as I can't stop crying whilst I am typing. I seem to have just about every symptom you can have with this. I am 60, I was fit and healthy, physically and mentally, now all I want is to lean on someone and sob like a child. There is no one for me to do that with. I can't manage to drive any more and living rurally I see very few people, I can't get out to visit as I have no way of getting there, my partner has to take enough time form work to take me to various essential places. I am sorry for the long moan. I know there must be a lot of people worse off than me. I just really needed to tell someone I think. I am not desperate or suicidal just sad and alone.
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Re: One to show the non believer's

Postby FluppyPuffy » Thu Apr 02, 2015 4:06 pm

:welcome: to our little sanctuary Seramis :cow-wave: :cow-wave:

I've moved you from where you had originally made your post and put you into here. That wasn't anything wrong with where you had put it, it's just that with it being attached to that topic, I thought it might be better here where others can see it much more easily, say Hello, maybe offer some advice and hopefully help you start to see that you aren't alone in battling your way thru your daily FibroQuest. Whilst we are a cyber FibroFamily, we do what we can to help and support each other as we each have an understanding from our own experiences of what others are going thru.

When you have a moment, try having a bit of a looky and a read across the boards. They are full of all sorts of info and advice, so there may be something in amongst it all that could be useful to you.

Anything you're wondering about, or want to know, just ask about it and we'll try and help you with an answer xx
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Re: One to show the non believer's

Postby nikkinackynoodles » Thu Apr 09, 2015 10:41 pm

Hi Seramis,

bless your cotton socks... I can only imagine feeling that isolated. Thank goodness I can still drive! I don't do anything "sociable" as I don't feel I can commit to attend anything outside of the house! Work was enough for me to be completely drained! I'm so glad that at least your OH is helpful.... many just don't see it at all.

Do you do any crafting? Online games? Reading??

Huge (but gentle) hugs xxx :lol:
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