feeling lost

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feeling lost

Postby fitbit » Wed May 13, 2015 1:33 am

Hi. I am not sure where to start. I was diagnosed with FM early last year, I was sat in a rheumatologist office, who described me to a T. Every symptom and brain fog (I thought I was going around the twist). But for a few hours I felt that I had all the answers to my issues, it wasn't in my head. I then looked at the side effects for the Meds he had said to take (Endep). I couldn't cope with any more weight gain, as this effects my knees which I already have arthritis in. I just carried on with my over the counter pain meds. I was waiting for a gyny referral for what I thought was going to be a simple fix. I had surgery Oct last year an they told me they couldn't do anything for my pains and that I had something called Interstitial Cystitis! They also said that Endep worked really well for this pain, along with other meds that make the bladder stop stressing, so I tried it. I was asleep by 8-9pm at night and was so vague the next morning at least until mid day, they if I drove I could quite easily fall asleep. I work full time and this was effecting my work. (I had already been called into my managers office for using all my sick leave by taking an extra day after a couple of days off). This was causing me to get stressed, but I couldn't take any time off. My doctor suggested I ask my work to reduce my hours. This they have agreed to so I now work 4 days a week, but this they will only agree to for 6 months. We have not mentioned the FM, as it is not looked at very supportively in Australia. I find myself testing myself and not really believing that I have FM, however I suffer from fatigue and come home some days and just cant move, or straight after getting up I have to lay back down. I have been on Lyrica an Celebrex and have put on weight and still have brain fog, (really struggling at work) which is made worse with the meds.

So this week I have stopped the meds! and taken the week off work. Yesterday was a weird day to say the least, crying and feeling very vulnerable. Today I woke up and was feeling very nervous and anxious, my feet, legs, fingers and back are very tight and painful. I have put the heating on which seems to have helped a bit. I have booked in for acupuncture on Friday so I am hoping this will help. I have to be at work next week at 7am which will be difficult otherwise. 

Ok, that's my life for the past year and a half. I am feeling very lost and don't know what to do? Do I have FM I think I struggle to believe it is real myself, I told one person at me work about the initial diagnosis and she said "my mother in law was diagnosed with that and she is just a lazy cow!" I feel like know one believes me, I have even changed my GP as I don't think he believes it either, he gave the initial Endep, as well as a diet pill, which meant I couldn't sleep at all to try and counteract the weight gain. I had tp stop both of these. I have put on 10kg in the past 6 months. That's another reason for no more meds.

Any advice would be much appreciated I'm feeling hopeless at the moment. I have tried to get a referral to a pain clinic, nut they are private only here (very expensive) and cannot afford that. I'll stop moaning now :) I know there are lots of people worse than me and I am not dying or anything.
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Re: feeling lost

Postby *Lisa* » Wed May 13, 2015 2:47 pm

Hi & :welcome:

I sorted your other post out for you :-D

Did you come off the meds straight away? if so this can cause some side-effects as in most cases you need to wean yourself off them.

Acupuncture in many fibro's works really well but you need quiet a few sessions before you really notice the difference and then you have to keep up the sessions because like all therapies after a while it wears off as the body windes back up again.

Theres other therapies like massage/deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, chiropractor, oesteopathy that can help its what your body response to. Theres also Alexandra technique, hydrotherapy and pilates that can help. Not sure whats offered in your country tho.
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