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Postby norky00 » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:38 pm

Just a quick hello :-D
Just need a bit of advice please how do you approuch your doctor over asking about looking into seeing if you have fibo My problem is i have not long been diagnosed with crohns after years off suffering with it and going to my doctors just to be told its just ibs and part of your depressions then only getting diagnosed with that by mistake. I have been told that I also might have fibo as i show must symtoms to it as in
I am in constantly in pain all over
I have bad fatigue to the point i can sleep none stop for days but then I also dont sleep good at all and wake up constanly and get up as if I have not slept and as stiff as cardboard I also have days where am awake 24 hours etc
I have bad memory problems amd have to write everyrhing down in a note and keep it on me till I have done whats on the list
I struggle to talk to people and can not talk to anyone or take instructions off anyone with out my mind wondering of to what I call my white wall
I have bad depresion
Ibs and now Ibd
always had headache problems and migraines that over the years have gone worse to the point i go sick with them
I also have problems with bright lights and when am bad noises can seem louder and irritating
but apart from the crohns and the all over pain I would have to say the fatuge is the worse i get that bad that i fall a sleep anywere and feel really ill if i dont go a sleep
I have been like this for years and just got told it was all part of my derprseeion but I want to approach my doctor to ask can I have this looked into

Sorry for the long post and dont mean to offend anyone and am deffo not being a hypochondriac :-D its just a few times i have been told something is nothing then suddenly it is
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Re: Hi

Postby smidsy » Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:45 pm

your best bet is if you have no joy with your doctor see another doctor , because if you think you have that then you need to tell them you want a second opinion so you can find out also if you have to go to hospital with the chrones speak to someone there regarding it .I was fortunate when I went to hospital with arthritis one of the nurses , did a course about fm .
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Re: Hi

Postby norky00 » Tue Jun 09, 2015 1:31 am

Am due to go see the doctors soon over the crohns as the tablets am on haven't been helping and they put me on a course of steroids that haven't help and I have one week left of them. So think I need to ask about thing. Just don't want them to think I have been looking things up
Thanks for the reply...
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Re: Hi

Postby UnderSiege » Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:34 am


My GP didn't like the fact that I'd been looking things up. He didn't like it one bit.
Thing is he and my physio pre-empted it, hell, they were all for it a couple of months ago.
Like "If you want to know things to help yourself like exercises to do and diets and stuff, go online and find out cos we don't have time..."
So I did...
It didn't help that I was already a bit p***** off about the years of pain and being on and off work while receiving paltry JSA when there was no way I could work (which left me poor AND homeless when I should have been signed off) while being diagnosed with sciatica, lumbago, just a muscle strain... (what, one that's lasted over 5 years, really?) before the semi-possibly-correct diagnosis that no meds (or joint injections) have yet worked on called 'osteoarthritis'... (I think the osteoarthritis diagnosis is partly sound due to crepitation among other things but there is far more to my ills than that alone can explain)
It was doubts about that diagnosis alone that led me belatedly to Fibromyalgia (after almost 10 years of the symptoms and most of that time my family treating me like s*** and there's no sign of that ending)

Truth is GP's don't like being questioned and they don't like patients who are at the end of their tether with being fobbed off using their natural curiosity, intelligence and even will to survive to research, discover and find a way to get what they need and to get by.
It's that simple. I see articles in the news every week about someone dying because their GP thought the cancer that went untreated for too long with fatal results was something a Rennie could fix...
Worse still for us as Fibro is 'the invisible disease' though I intend to be anything but invisible about it...
For every 'good' day I have, I'll have an a*** to kick!

Have a good one. The b******s will try to get us down but we know better right?
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Re: Hi

Postby norky00 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:00 am

Sounds like your not a happy chappy..... My other doctor used to hate it I would only have to pull a face and he would say you sound like you don't believe me. Just said to him no never said that at all but 3 times he told me it was nothing and 3 times it turned out to be something. I stopped going to him after I said to him "I get the impression you don't like me and I p you off" and he said "I wouldn't say I don't like you. but " then he smiled. At that point I New it's time to see a different doctor who touch would as been ok but I don't want him to think am beging a hypochondria or anything like that as my last Dr used to make me feel like that so much that I hated going and would only go if I trully needed to
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