Anyone in Cardiff?

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Anyone in Cardiff?

Postby jojo39 » Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:40 pm

Hi all FM suffers
My name is Jo and I'm 42 was diagnosed 3 years ago. Up until 9 months I was working full-time ( well more time off sick and no support from my old company) but I forced myself to go in. The last 9 months I had to give up work as my health has really gone down hill. I moved to Cardiff to be with my new partner and because I'm pretty much housebound these days have met no-one to have a coffee with or to have an outside support net work to give my partner a break. My partner works away a lot so it's really tough on a daily basis and feeling isolated on top of everything is a struggle.
Im now in a wheelchair most of the time we go out as just can't walk any distance and looking into buying a scooter. ( trying to get my head around that as I was so sporty and active before all of this) . I cannot believe this is what it's come too.
Have tried all meds with no luck apart from patches and sleeping tabs. I'm so against putting chemicals into my body I've tried all sorts of things to come off it. I went to a country show last week and these people were demonstrating a infra red and deep tissue massage mattress that has been studied on fibro suffers and people with pain and found to medically take patients of all meds. Gave it a try felt amaze balls but at the cost of 3000 patches it is lol.
So anyone in Cardiff area (I live in St Mellons ) who we could be support buddies for one another /coffee and cake visits please get in touch. Anyone else would be great to meet new peeps who understand how awful this condition is and how much it completely changes your life . Big hugs to all x
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