Hello (and help?!) from me near Llantrisant, South Wales!

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Hello (and help?!) from me near Llantrisant, South Wales!

Postby SMCS3813 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:24 pm

Hi, I'm Sarah, I'm 28 years old, have a loving partner and two children. I have had pain in my hips as long as I can remember but never severe enough to do anything about. It got worse over the last year or two, so I saw a doctor who referred me to a very helpful consultant I saw last week. I haven't been confirmed as being a fibromyalgia sufferer (just because all other things have to be ruled out first) but from what I've read about other sufferers, am almost certain this is what I am experiencing.
So, my questions are... Anyone else so young on here got it? I seem to have it pretty mildly compared to some, it doesn't (usually) affect walking too much, but am very uncomfortable when I stay in the same position for a while. How long has it taken for yours to deteriorate? Is there much I can do to help? There seems to be conflicting advice on what helps in every different article I've read! - Not very helpful!!
Thankyou for reading, please say hello even if you can't help with my questions :) Feeling very new and nervous.
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Re: Hello (and help?!) from me near Llantrisant, South Wales

Postby UnderSiege » Mon Jun 22, 2015 6:28 am

Hi Sarah.

Sorry to hear about your problems. I do hope it isn't fibro you have but something more treatable.

I'm 38 myself and only came to the conclusion of fibro this year after at least 8 years of symptoms matching fibro (which my GP had me thinking was just the osteoarthritis I've had since 18) The pain management consultant, physio and my GP all think it's very likely fibro I have but my GP is a nasty so and so and doesn't like me much (he also said he doesn't 'believe' in fibro and that I should 'man up' as he has patients with ankylosing spondylitis who still work :shock: although they probably don't have the disadvantage of an aggressively unsupportive family who I have to live with in their over-hoarded house which doesn't help and contributes to my ills :-x ) so like you I haven't had a diagnosis confirmed and am just waiting around not quite sure what to do (though most of the time I'm not quite fit enough to do much)

The advice you've unearthed is unfortunately likely to be conflicting up to a point because fibro seems to vary tremendously in effects and limitations imposed between individuals (I've read of at least 200 different symptoms related to fibro but which could also be other things entirely and fibro sufferers can have any combination of them) I'm afraid you'll have to use a little trial and error to find and be sure of your safe zones, a wise thing to do in advance of a diagnosis so you're ahead of the game as they say. Other than that, just try to stay frosty (I know it's easy for me to say) and not get down about it because like I said it might not be fibro and something a little time and meds can fix.

I hope things turn out ok for you.
Have a good one.
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Re: Hello (and help?!) from me near Llantrisant, South Wales

Postby SMCS3813 » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:02 am

Hi UnderSiege!

Thankyou so much for your reply and I'm truly sorry to hear about your struggles with your GP and your family :( Must be so hard for you, I can't imagine! Have you thought about seeing another GP? Or being referred to rheumatology? I've heard as FM is becoming more common, there are more health professionals doing training on it. Maybe you'd be lucky enough to come across one that believes you and isn't so mean! My pain seems mild compared to a lot I've read on these forums, so I'm still able to work, but I can imagine what it's like when it's worse, and can see why people wouldn't be able to work. Your GP saying that is awful practice. I hope you get it sorted!

I am hopefully pretty close to a diagnosis one way or another and all symptoms point to FM at the moment. Am feeling so confused, some people seem to degenerte quickly even though it's not classed as a degenetarive disease - which is a pretty scary thing at the age of 28.
I'm wanting more children and I've been suffering with depression (more so because of the pain now) for about 13 years.
I've got up this morning after a terrible night sleep (again) and terrible pain yesterday, and I'm feeling very stiff and tender. No doubt as the day goes on it will be painful yet again...
Stay in touch, as I'd like to hear how you get on.
Sarah x
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