London Calling Via Cambridge

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London Calling Via Cambridge

Postby Darkness Remains » Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:03 pm

Hello and Good evening, I have floated on the outside of the forum for a few months and now feel like its time to say hello.
I was diagnosed with Fibro a year ago and I'm still coming to terms with the fact my old life is not my new one. I have had unstable plaque Psoriasis for the last 27 years with the news that in 1999 I was diagnosed with Psoritic Arthritis and I coped with all that. This latest diagnosis is the one I am trying the hardest to accept.
I am a born and bred Londoner who moved to Cambridgeshire in 2013 to start a new chapter in my life, after loosing both my parents in the space of 10 years. I have tried to look up support groups up here but as yet have had no joy in meeting like minded individuals, I did have a meeting booked with the group supervisor but she cancelled at the last minute and ever time I try to rebook she seems uninterested, which to a newbie like me is not helpful :roll: . I was a Gp administrator up until Jan this year when I had the mother of all flare up's only I never knew that at the time and my Gp was non plussed about giving me any information. My boss was even less helpful hence me having to give up a job I enjoyed.
I am pleased to have found a place where if we are struggling or having a bad day we can log in and get a virtual cuppa :cup1: and a soft gentle hug from people who know exactly what we are going through, and knowing you are not alone is a great help.
Sorry for rambling Im off to make a cuppa.

Blessings to you all.
Darkness Remains
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Re: London Calling Via Cambridge

Postby TheHud » Sun Jun 28, 2015 10:25 pm

Hello, know what you mean about Fibro.. I like you have various problems, the biggest for me was finding I had damaged optic nerves and nothing to say why, I accepted it and the possibility of things getting worse, plugged on with the teament and frequent monitoring.

About 2 years ago I knew I had a big problem otyer than the ones that can be proved. The pain, stiffness, burning heat and freezing cold, difficulty concentrating and flu everytime I tried to push myself physically. The biggy was not even being able to maintain position due to pain and spasms while I had a visual field test.

I have not accepted this, not sure I ever can. I suspect that is because I only ever heard it being described as one of those illnesses, like ME no one can prove they are real. Therefore I was always as guilty as the ones that doubt now, never bothered to actually find out even though a family friend has it.

So how can we accept a diagnosis for a disease we are not convinced is real, society tells us this, its not real its all in our heads.

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