hello everyone

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hello everyone

Postby jargirls » Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:38 pm

I was diagnosed with fibo a month ago. I'm 38yrs old.

In march 2015 I had palpitations which led to a heart attack. A week later after an angiogram my hands and feet started turning blue so I was told I had raynauds and put on a calcium channel blocker, after that I started feeling very tired and my whole body hurt. I was either freezing cold or sweating and joint pain. I had a heart ablation in June and told by a rheumatologist that I had fibromyalgia.

I'm still in denial really, they took 8 viles of blood and tested me for autoimmune, thyroid, liver etc and said they would be in touch if they were positive but other wise I have fibro.

I started back at work this week, on gradual return as I've been off since my heart attack, only 3 hours a day but its a hectic job and I'm exhausted. I'm a single parent to 3 children so have to be a mum when I get back. I had to return now because I was being transferred to just sick pay and I can't live off that.

I'm interested to know what a flare is because I've been continually in pain for about 2 months, I'm on 8 paractetamol a day and sometimes codeine at night too. Does it ever ease?
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