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Hello from the Highlands

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:34 pm
by crazy_cat_lady
Hello all and thank you for letting my join you

My name is Samantha, im nearly 42 years old, divorced, mother of 5 children (eldest 19, youngest 7). I live in the north of Scotland. I enjoy DIY (within reason these days lol) and various crafts (knitting/crochet/x-stitch etc) and cats, I really like cats!

As for the Fybro? I guess we all have different stories but at the same time they are all very similar! So here is mine (I apologise now if it gets a bit too long/rambling and whiny sounding!!)

While I only got a diagnosis last year, hindsight would indicate ive had it all my life, its just the past 7 years that it has really reared its ugly head and become a problem for me.

I have had tinnitus and raynauds for as long as I can remember back to childhood, tho never really knew what it was back then. As a teen I suffered through headaches/sinus pain, muscle and joint pains that were always passed off as hormones and growing pains. Early 20s abdominal pains and IBS kicked in, recurring sinus infections resulted in surgery that eased the headaches for a while. Oh, and I was always tired!

At 23 I was married and started punting out the offspring, so all aches/pains exhaustion was simply put down to raising a family. The crippling head to toe body ache I suffered for a couple of days after the births of the last 2 kids I assumed rather normal given the circumstances, despite not having suffered the same effect after the births of the first 3. All the pregnancys and births were pretty text book and easy (pelvic pain worsened with each but again much what id expect). Only real issues that cropped up (and I dont think they relate to FM) were bloodworks, 3rd pregnancy 16week bloods gave a high risk of downs and SB, so had amnio that came back all clear, (child now 12 years old and has Aspergers but thats another story!!). Next 2 pregnancy's I had new antibodies in blood that could result in babies being born anaemic/jaundiced but this was monitored and did not result in problems at birth. Only last year tho I found out that because of these antibodies, should I need a transfusion I can only take my own blood type (nobody told me this before!!)

oops, sorry getting rambling!!

October 08 – this is where I can pinpoint the real onset of FM, with what I now like to call “The Mega Flare”. I was fine in the morning, went out for a family drive, but through the drive home, my legs and arms became heavy and painful, really bone deep pain, by the time we got home I was in no fit state to drive, having to lift my legs by hand to change pedals. I had no real idea what caused this at the time, assumed it was driving strain since id only passed my test 2 weeks previously. That night I went for a soak in Radox bath, could barely move all night, and developed a nettle rash on my arms and legs that was gone again by morning. Another radox soak next morning resulted in the same rash all over, so assumed it was an allergic reaction to the radox. I hurt from everywhere, couldn't even lift a cup or remote, let alone my 7 month old baby!!! This lasted over a week, and I haven't been right since.

I thank my lucky stars I haven't had such a big flare since then, close on it but never so totally debilitating as that one, but im tired all the time!

Abdominal pain flared right up last year, resulting in full hysterectomy (which I bounced back from no bother) but the IBS is flaring up again.

Now im constantly tired, but dont sleep well, yet when I do sleep its the sleep of the dead thats a fight to come out of(slept right thru a massive right over head thunderstorm last week) aches and pains flare up randomly anywhere on body on a daily basis. Hands and feet often feel swollen, and just as often actually do swell for no apparent reason. Ive been prescribed – amytripaline, nortriptaline, gabapentin(sorry if spelling off) – all with no pain relief and rather unpleasant side effect (turned me into a twitchy mess!) so had to come off them. Rely now on strong Co-codamol (carefully as they make me high!) and naproxin. And im regularly using a cane when out for any reasonable length of time. In amongst all this there have been some major stress factors (divorce, sons AS diagnosis, inlaws failing health, and another family members messy situation that I wont go into, surfice to say it caused a good/bad few flare ups for me!!)and im tired all the time!

Am currently waiting for appointments with ENT for the sinus pain/tinnitus and a scan on my shoulder since its still in pain from an injury nearly 2 years ago.

Whinge over!!! and thank you if you made it this far! Lol. For all my own problems Im well aware there are many worse off them me, and can only hope we all find some relief eventally, and wont be so tired all the time!!!

Sam xx

Re: Hello from the Highlands

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:49 pm
by Icarus
Hi crazy_cat_lady
I love your username! Welcome to the forum. How many cats do you have? I have 4. 2 boys 2 girls (one girl is the mother of the other 3)

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Re: Hello from the Highlands

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:43 pm
by crazy_cat_lady
hi there

im down to 5 cats just now lol.(most ive had at one time was 8) lost one to heart failure last just last month, was gutted as he was only 7, and id sat with his mother as she birthed him on my bed!

also have a dog, 3 gold fish and 2 bearded dragons! this is all on top of 5 children!! no wonder im falling apart!! lol