Severe bodily pain everywhere with Fibro

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Severe bodily pain everywhere with Fibro

Postby perfume poured out » Sat Sep 05, 2015 9:30 pm

Dear friends, I did join the group some long time ago, so have now had to register a different name and password. Previously I was known as penfriend, but now perfume poured out.

As it is now September, I wonder how everyone is coping with the severe pain. Yesterday, I could not put my feet to the floor, as my back was so intense with pain and felt hardly able to move. I am ill and disabled anyway, but it was quite a shock, that I had to resort to my powered wheelchair again, when I had previously just about managed a few weak steps on my own.

We have not had a good Summer at all, but nevertheless, the sudden chill in the air makes such a difference to fibro.

I had fibro very bad in my hands a couple of years ago and thought I would have to give up typing altogether, but having seen a specialist, who confirmed it was fibro, I persevered and bought hand supports and also an ergonomic keyboard which made quite a difference and gradually got the use of my hands back, albeit fingers and wrists are so very weak.

It will be interesting to know if anyone else has suffered with this. Right now though, it is severe back and hip pain, and legs as well. Also I now get swollen ankles and legs, but that could be due to other health matters, yet I raised my bed which helped, but just put more weight on my back which has not helped, so it is hard to cope.

Hope to read some later posts. sincerely, perfume poured out
perfume poured out
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Re: Severe bodily pain everywhere with Fibro

Postby fibro-lu » Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:46 pm

welcome back

sorry to hear but glad it is not just me who is kicked by the weather

some time ago something happened to my device and I couldn't login anymore because I couldn't remember my password
I got in contact with a moderator and they sorted it out
all the best :cow-wave: Lu
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