hi im Bev i am new here and so fed up off pain

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hi im Bev i am new here and so fed up off pain

Postby smiler1 » Fri Sep 18, 2015 12:21 am

Im at my its endI had breast cancer stage 3 in my bleft breast I had a mastectomy and lymphnodes removel in 2013 I have had lots of joint pain cramps sweats to name a few
 In had radio and chemo followed by tamxifenI have just had a transflap reconstruction , and mastectomy of my other breast The problem is I hurt rverywhere and all my symptoms lead to fibromyalgia Inhave became so sentive to chemical ie soap perfume noise and even bright lightsIt is easier to list my problem Jointpain most joints burningbpain in my body , delsyed reaction severe craving for chocolate, headache, vision chsnged,morning stiffness muscle teitching, firget my words allergies runny noee, earache, ringing in my easrs , broken sleep, severe fatigue, teeth grinfing my jaw clicks, loss of sex drive, bloating, pelvic pain, forget things didorited tingling burning, shirt memory, sentive to westher im slways vold or ill have magour hot flushes, depression, moody, bruise easy severe leg cramos, dry mouth and blusters, sore throat, night swaets, cold hand and feet, balance,I know its alit I wrote a list down over a few days and was shocked I dont have all of these at the same time .I know dome are side effects of tamoxifen I taken fentlhn from a previous back problem anc have been given methacarbol for leg cramps and gabapentin for nerve damage I know it early days after my op but the pain is in my other joint too I dont know how to sort this out Please help my arms legs feet head eyesneck pelvic area all hurt
Ive had blood test thry cames bk okmy doc said prob fibro but the more ithink about it I mught of had it before cancer as I was always at the doctors for aches and pains even had a few epidurals and back op on lower disc and modt of the stympton decribed
When its cold I cant function :yikes: :sleep:

I take Gabapentin 900x3 aday
Mirtazapine x1
Methocarbamol 750x2x4 times a day
Tamoxifen x1
Cetririzine x1
Fentanyl 75
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Re: hi im Bev i am new here and so fed up off pain

Postby maryemm » Fri Oct 02, 2015 7:46 pm

Hi Bev I read your post with total understanding of where you are coming from!! I too had BC in 2010 and treatment lasted 20months as it was also Her2 , I didn't have a mastectomy as I had chemo first which thankfully shrunk the tumour to half its original size! I did however undergo two WLE then rads, herceptin and as I am post meno Arimidex which is a bagger! Strangely enough had migraines for years along with IBS and tinnitus, they all crept up on me there were times when I virtually would just go from fine to so tired I could cry. My wonderful chemo nurse said she thought I must have had Fibro for some time and the treatment accelerated the pain and tired which made sense to me. I had to give up work though I tried to go back for 6 months on a very part time basis I could not cope with the tired and I am not too far away now to retirement so I now take my time with my days. Your shopping list of meds are similar to mine and I am not sure some days how I would get along without them, some days they help some days they don't but I am too scared to stop as I'm not sure what would happen! Strangely just had results of an MRI for chronic back/hip problems and they came back clear which has brought me crashing down cos I so wanted it to be something 'fixable' sadly not seems it's part of the Fibro which makes me mad cos I feel it's taken me away from who I used to be! Double whammy really you look forward to some kind of normal I don't want to be a negative nelly as I am truly grateful to be here but some days it gets hard. So flower you're not on your own it happens and all we can do is pace, do what we can when we can. With you on the cold front even have had freezing feet and sweating elsewhere how bizarre? I hope you're coming to terms with it all it certainly has done my head in as I can't get my head round how much pain I'm in with clear results. Sending a gentle hug and hope today was a better day for you Em x

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Re: hi im Bev i am new here and so fed up off pain

Postby CloudLady » Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:02 pm

Ladies, I feel for you. What a strong pair of ladies you are x
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