Hello- 'siezing- up'

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Hello- 'siezing- up'

Postby terriseaton » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:18 pm

Hello all,
I'm Terri, 55 & have had fms prob all my life (diagnosed with 'rheumatism' at 8 & referred to as physically "spastic"). Have sadly suffered Many life traumas b4 the biggie aged 32. Formally diagnosed with FMS then,aged 33. Never been on a forum before -Lots to say & listen to but for today:

How do I explain 'siezing up' to my employer?

They know I have fms, they are not open minded at all. I have 'siezed up' 4 times in last 2 weeks. Feel totally crippled. Only today has it happened when should be working. Seems always be worse for me this time of year when weather changes but so much worse this year. Am drugged up on gabapentin, arcoxxia, co-proxamol (named patient basis as drug officially withdrawn) & tramadol . Also have electric blanket on, pjs & thick dressing gown & socks.. also using 10% ibuprofen gel. Pain & stiffness slighty abated 2 hours into tablets but i stil can't get down stairs yet. I'm booked in for the night shift & thankfully have next 3 nights off as annual leave(got 15th, 50th & 80th birthdays). Everything feels like it's very slowly being oiled & i am sleepy enough to rest until mobile again.

Employer doesn't get how i think i can manage the night shift(drugged up &:using aids) but not the monthly meeting during day today. It started at 1:30 pm but i am still very much compromised. They see things in black & white & are too ignorant to research fms, believe what i tell them or contact occupational health. In short they doubt me. It's left me in tears. I am doing everything i can to keep going but there is zero allowance, tolerance or understanding. I havent taken sick- leave-just missed one meeting (that i can be informed about) in the hope & belief i'll be more capable & mobile tonight.

How do I get thriugh to them. It's like they think i'm shirking there reaction to me. I havent had beakfast or fed my cats yet (lodger in in a mo). Feels like the world is against me despite my very best efforts. Blue badge lady said i was the worse case of fms she'd seen (& she herself had fms). Dr will not prescribe temazepan or diazepam yet a dose or 2 would sort me out here & there & stay a contributing member of society. Pain clinic are hopeless - long story but all they ever want me to do is fill in forms or wait for iother consultants results. No viable action orbhelp from them as yet.

Question is HOW on earth do I keep going. No one cares or understands?

I know everyone reading this will care & undersrand because very sadly you are going thru it too. Any tips or light at the end of the tunnel?

Thank you for reading & i wish you all well


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Re: Hello- 'siezing- up'

Postby Padster » Fri Oct 02, 2015 11:23 am

Hi there

So sorry to read what you have been through and are still going through. I'm afraid I can't offer any help as I've not suffered from seizing up but hopefully someone else on here can offer some advice.

As for your employers, they sound totally uncaring, I'm horrified. Have you spoken to HR? Can you contact occupational health yourself? Or would your GP write a letter explaining that your symptoms are genuine and can hit you randomly? Do you have private health through work or a scheme where you can call for confidential advice?? Anyone in a senior position you can particularly confide in and get on side to help you make your case?

Just throwing out ideas, so apologies if you've done all this or don't have these facilities.

I hope you get some help and understanding soon. All the best x
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