Hi, Bungle here

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Hi, Bungle here

Postby Bungle » Tue Feb 09, 2016 4:38 pm

Hi I am Bungle , I have been reading this forum for a while but don’t think I have posted before (excuse the Fibrofog!) I am a 46 year old woman with 3 grown up children, 2 cats and 1 husband :lol: . I enjoy reading and resting, lots and lots of resting! ;-)

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia officially for nearly 2 years now, but have been ill for a lot longer than this. I have had just about every test going, been tested for lupus, hyperparathyroidism, MS, arthritis, etc., full bloods, everything comes back NORMAL. Isn’t it annoying when you feel so ILL and all tests are normal! I am sure you can all relate!

I have all sorts of weird and wonderful symptoms that seem to be progressing.

I used to work in the NHS (admin) but I could not cope with it physically or mentally any longer, I wanted to do reduced hours but it was not possible so I had no other option but to resign I was that ill, although at the time I did not have a diagnosis. I had a less than understanding manager and it was almost impossible to even book one day off just to rest, I could not keep going anymore, I used to have to crawl upstairs to bed at 8pm every night on my hands and knees I was that exhausted. I spent all weekend lying on the sofa trying to recover and recuperate for the following week, but by Monday afternoon I was flagging again :roll: . I am very lucky in that my husband has a good job and I could give up work. I applied for ESA but was told that I was fit for work! So now I don’t receive anything. I would love to work part time nearer home but it’s hard to get back into work, I have applied for a few jobs but cannot even get an interview, I suppose being off ill for 2 years is going to go against me! I am not even sure that I could manage part time to be honest, some days are a real struggle with dizziness, fatigue etc.

My symptoms started out as fatigue and mainly neurological symptoms about 9 years ago, after a serious infection I contracted after an operation: visual disturbance, tingling in side of face, mouth and tongue, dizziness, numb patches, creeping flesh, pins and needles and terrible balance. I also have some double vision and blurred vision on and off. Now my legs, shoulders and neck ache constantly as well. I don’t sleep well at all. I have had a brain scan that showed high signal areas in the white matter so I was tested for MS with lumbar puncture and visual evoked potential test but these were negative so not thought to be MS.

I also have other problems related to my heart and bowels, not sure if these are also related to the fibro, the Rheumatologist thought so, so I am taking a large amount of meds at the moment, for my heart, my bowels and the fibro! I am on Gabapentin, I can only tolerate a very low dose though, but it does help somewhat.

It’s such an isolating illness, I am bored to tears at home, I feel that I am coming to the end of my life now and just waiting to die although I am not really that old! I may look into some voluntary work soon to get out and about and try to take my mind off my problems and put some of my skills to good use, if they will have me!

Sorry for the epic introductory post, thanks for reading if you managed to get so far,
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Re: Hi, Bungle here

Postby Patsb » Wed Feb 10, 2016 2:10 pm

Hi :welcome:
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