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Postby rbpe » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:07 pm

Just saying hello to fellow Fibro sufferers now that I have joined the forum.

I began suffering the effects of Fibro around a decade ago now but wasn't diagnosed in the first 2 years as it was assumed that I had some sort of chronic Gout mixed with Arthritis. Funny thing is, was also diagnosed with Osteoarthritis last year in my left knee and my right has now started to go too in the last few months!

I have done a fair bit of research over the years being autodidactic, so what I tend to suffer from is regular Morton's Neuroma's which then place a strain on my superior peroneal retinaculum around the ankle, due to having to somewhat walk on a knife edged foot. This then leads to inversion of the foot and loss of feeling in the main two toes and then with the osteoarthritis of the knee that begins to get the side ligaments/tendons and rear tendons playing up (Tibial collateral ligament etc) and then I can't bend the knee.

So after spending the last month unable to stand up due to pain and pretty much house-bound so it's nice to have some other people to whinge at now! ;-)

Due to the length of time I have had it then anything I can do to assist any others I will do my best, although in ten years there is no specific thing I can put my hand on regarding cause and effect, which leads me to believe that FM is more an auto-immune disease or the like. As an example I have just spent over 30 days on crutches - first 12 days or so, no problems with my arms (rarely get arm problems although do get shoulder every now and then) - then after the 12th day I woke up to find my right arm feeling like I had ripped every tendon in it to shreds! Even now two weeks later it causes me a lot of pain to type this but what doesn't kill you......

Anyway, nice to be a part of the forum,


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