Hey everyone

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Hey everyone

Postby calamityr » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:17 am

Hi all,

Very new to the forum - literally found it this morning so figured I'd sign up!

I currently live in Manchester, UK with my wife - I'm female and 26 years old. Work a full time desk based job.

I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 10 years ago, but the symptoms started after having meningitus as a child 16 years ago.

Growing up and suffering through my teenage years with Fibro was hard, so I have spent half my life trying to ignore it and shoving it to the back of my mind where I don't have to deal with it. As I age though, I'm finding that the pain really does affect me and brings me down, and it's interfering with my work and social life (not that it's a wild one anyway!).

I was prescribed anti-depressants when first diagnosed as I was very depressed. It's taken years to get back to a point where I am happy and secure but I'm proud to say that is where I am now. My GP prescribed Tramadol 50mg x 2 (up to four times a day) and Amitriptyline over 2 years ago now. I've stopped taking the Amitriptyline as I felt it wasn't helping and was just making me feel drowsy, and I feel so much better mood wise for coming off it. I take roughly 3-5 Tramadol a day when the pain isn't too bad, but when I am having a flare up I can sometimes take the full 8 a day which leaves me nauseous and irritable and clingy (my poor wife :yikes: ).

After so long pretending that I don't have a problem and that I'm "normal", I think it's about time I finally embrace this and help myself...so here we go :oops:

Lovely to meet you all!
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Re: Hey everyone

Postby *Lisa* » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:59 pm


Lots of information support and advice here. Hope it helps

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