Hello I have undiagnosed Fibro and new diagnosed diabeti

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Hello I have undiagnosed Fibro and new diagnosed diabeti

Postby D1gD33per » Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:17 am

Hi there my name is David. 32 years old from UK.
I have had the worst year of my life. Since january I have been very ill. I had very bad chest pains and a right shoulder blade. Went to the GP maybe once a week and was told i pulled a muscle in my shoulder. Gave me ibruprofen and sent me away.
It got so bad I thought I was having a heart attack had the ambulance out did ecg and it was all clear.
Kept going to my GP and kept being turned away so I went to the urgent GP at the hospital. He said i may have costochondritus. Which is chronic pain in the chest and i pulled my shoulder blade again. Give me Naproxen.

I gave up after a while as I got very sick. I never had any energy. Pins and needles. I got thrush. My speech has got bad on some days and my memory is awful.

I went to see doctor about the thrush and i had blood tests. Turns out in type 2 diabetic.
In the mean time my whole body ia now effected and riddled with pain... very unbearable. Knees feets lower back chest ribs shoulders bad headaches dry mouth.

Doctor said its sugar on my joints.. but my sugar levels have been normal for weeks.. my mother and sister have fibromyalgia and i have all the symptoms.

My GP does not seem to care and is not even doing any tets for rheumatism for another 6 weeks. He said he does not like taking pain killers.
he expects me to just deal with this pain.
I dont know what to do because I know in six weeks he still probably wont do anything.

I wish I was dead most days and its putting a strain on my girlfriend.
I feel lost
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Re: Hello I have undiagnosed Fibro and new diagnosed diabeti

Postby LindyM66 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:52 am

Hi Davy

Don't lose hope. It is an absolute b*gger trying to get a diagnosis. They rule out other conditions first, like the RA. I experienced the same. It's the process they go through, but that doesn't help when you are feeling awful.
I was eventually referred to a rheumatologist after 2 visits to A & E. I had been to my GP, who was fairly dismissive in attitude - flipped me a self referral card for physio - and said condescendingly " it's only lower back pain! Idiot!
Anyhoo, after the long and weary process, I commenced on meds, which did take about 2 and a half months to kick in, but it was worth it. They work well for me, keep the pain manageable, and allow me to function.
In the space of a few months, I went from a 49 year old- who felt like 99. Now I'm a 50 year old, with a crutch, a blue badge and PiP! However, I do work full time also, and I am enjoying life again.
If you're not happy with your GP Davy, change to another if you can. Mines changed his tune and became more interested and helpful after the duty consultant from A & E called him to say " this lady needs further investigations done". And, you can also put in a complaint to the practice manager. Your GP is there to help you, not base his decisions on what he prefers. Don't accept it Davy.

(PS: speak to your gf about how you are feeling :-) )

Good Luck and Much Love
Lindy x
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Re: Hello I have undiagnosed Fibro and new diagnosed diabeti

Postby *Lisa* » Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:59 am


Costochondritis is a commen associated condition. I for one have this. I have also been to hospital 3 times with symptoms! was told nothing they can do! gave me anti-inflammatories and off i went.

Was bed bound for 6 months as it effected all my right hand side. It felt like my neck had bricks hanging from it and and struggled to breath. Couldnt stand longer then a few mins. Never been so ill with pain in my life!

What helped me get back on my feet was trigger point therepy. My physio worked on the rib cage stretching the muscles inbetween, she also to this day works on my sternum to try and prevent further attacks. Also the muscles that run down my neck.

Iv not had such a severe attack since back then :-)

I also have an inhalor, this help me breath when my chest is tight from muscle inflammation/stiffness.

Eat little and often as any bloating puts strain on the ribs

I used to rub freeze gel around the back/ribs and sternum which has more of an effect then heat gel and you can rub this in all through out the day along side pain meds.

I would recommend deep tissue massage or trigger point therepy

Breathing exercises help also

Does sound like your symptoms associate with fibro, obviously i am not a professional and cannot say for sure.

Im not up on diabetes so im unsure of symptoms and if there causing your some of your pain.

I would speak with another GP about tests and how your feeling, tell them how much this is causing an effect on your life.
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