Hello all. Would love some advice...

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Hello all. Would love some advice...

Postby thespire » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:25 pm

Hi folks,

I am undiagnosed but intending to raise the question of fibromyalgia with my GP this week. I've been struggling with symptoms for months and would be interested to see if they match up with anyone else's experiences. The main thing that has led me to this forum is that my blood tests are always normal. Symptoms include:

- Crippling lower back pain (can't stand up straight, walk, sit comfortably). This varies but is much worse with stress and when my activity levels are lower.
- Stiffness on waking, particularly in back and legs.
- Knee pain - both knees - which makes them 'lock up' when they've been in one position for a while. Sometimes I can't straighten my legs for several minutes and the pain is a 10 on the scale.
- Fatigue. I sleep very well, too well. It might be poor quality though. I wake up fuggy and like I could sleep hours more.
- Abdominal bloating and pain daily. Worse with sugar. This has taken me to A and E three times because of suspected appendicitis.
- A history of depression and anxiety. I was medicated until recently with fluoxetine.
- An existing shoulder injury is much worse during 'flare ups'.
- A history of endometriosis and very painful periods.

Any advice or response would be most welcome.

Many thanks
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Re: Hello all. Would love some advice...

Postby *Lisa* » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:23 pm

Hi & :welcome:

It does sound like alot of your symptoms are very simular to that of fibro.

I would mention it, even if its just to rule it out.

Hope you get some answers on your apointment.
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