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Hi new to forum

Postby jjan3t » Mon Feb 27, 2017 12:12 pm

Hi all

My name is Janet and I live in County Durham. I was diagnosed last August with Fibromyalgia following what was thought to be a flare up of my Rheumatoid arthritis. I moved to a different Rheumatologist and he told me the flare up I was having and the worsening of symptoms were not due to the RA. It came as a complete shock. I am still very upset about the diagnosis and struggling to come to terms with 2 horrible conditions. The fatigue is so bad all the time I could cry. My mobility is rubbish I use 2 forearm crutches outside of the house and a wheelchair for longer periods of time.
I also have pains all the time all down my spine, across lower back, hips, knees, feet, shoulders hands wrists etc etc etc. I was diagnosed with IBS many years ago but have had no issues for the last 10 years until a few months ago. Now whatever I eat first thing in a day makes me have diahorrea with severe bowel spasms. I feel very weak and useless. I am on a second course of antibiotics for a chest infection and tonsillitis that I have had for 3 weeks.
My new Rheumatologist referred me to the pain clinic. I had an appointment last week and was given a TENS machine to try (not finding any benefit and sensations of this is very painful). I have also been referred to a pain psychologist (no date as yet) and a physio which starts 22 March. I was also advised to find a friend who has Fibro but is not depressed. Any offers? haha.
At home my husband does everything, he helps me shower, gets me out of bed, turns me over in night and gives meds, housework, laundry etc
I have had to employ a dog walker for our 3 pugs and French bulldog puppy.
My Mam died in January 2015 so since then my Dad has come to live with us. He has Parkinson's, cardiac disease and dementia with Lewy bodies and is very hard work mentally.
On top of everything I am still working. I'm lucky that I have a good set up so I can work from home and only work mornings but I am finding it is becoming increasingly more difficult and don't know how much longer I can continue.
Wow I have wrote a lot sorry to all.
Lastly I was wondering of anyone knows of any support groups in the County Durham area that I could join for support

Thanks for reading

Janet xx
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Re: Hi new to forum

Postby perseus » Mon Feb 27, 2017 1:19 pm

Hi Janet

Welcome to the forums. Have you contacted the Fibromyalgia Support Group in the North East?

Contact Person:
A Docherty
0191 513 0015
Email Address:

I think this is the same one

Fibromyalgia Support Group
208 The Avenue, Seaham, SR7 8BQ
07877 190944
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Re: Hi new to forum

Postby jjan3t » Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:59 pm

Thanks for the information. I wasn't aware of a support group in the North East so will definitely get in touch. Cheers :-)

Janet x
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