Newbie needing advice please.

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Newbie needing advice please.

Postby Texas01 » Tue May 02, 2017 8:42 am

I'm new to the forum and undiagnosed but am struggling with my symptoms. I am 52 but feel more like 92.
Eight years ago I injured my back badly. Since then I have struggled with various different complaints and I'm hoping so much that they are all linked. I get awful headaches above my left eye very regularly. Sometimes I have the feeling that I am walking on a marble with an excruciating pain under my foot.I have had chest pains for about 15 years which floor me, I have been rushed to A&E and spent hours hooked up to machines which show there is no problem with my heart but no explanation for the pain. At the moment my fingers feel as though they have been broken, the tops of my arms feel as though the are bruised and almost sunburnt, my hips ache all the time, I struggle to get up the stairs as my knees burn so much after just a few stairs, recently I have been getting really odd pains in my legs, almost like they have been constricted. I had a cough that lasted 16 months and nothing would shift it. I finally had a scan which showed I had a form of pneumonia but nothing the doctor gave me worked and it finally cleared up by itself. I get breathless very quickly and am constantly tired, physically and mentally. My optician has advised my to use fake tears as my eyes are very dry so I now get these from the doctor. Over the last few years I have had dozens of blood tests which have shown Iron and vit D deficiencies but haven't given me a diagnosis. The doctor tried to refer me to the rheumatologist a couple of years ago but they said they were not accepting new referrals at that time. I had an MRI on my spine which did show some damage but I can't relate all the other symptoms to that. I have in the past been prescribed with Gabapentin, Amitryptaline and Naproxin. The Naproxen helped a bit but I have had to stop taking it as I have now been told I have high blood pressure. I feel I am completely on my own with this and am sure people don't quite believe how bad I feel so am thinking about going private just to try and get a diagnosis. At least then I would have something to aim at.
Sorry for going on so much, I know there are so many more people a lost worse off than me but I just done know where to start.
Thank you if you managed to get through all of this!
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Re: Newbie needing advice please.

Postby *Lisa* » Tue May 02, 2017 11:37 am


I would ask to be reffered once more as NHS give you a pick of hospitals now plus if there over run then they send patients out to private hospitals as you do really need to see someone as you been suffering for so long now.

There does sound like many fibro symptoms there but you really do need a consultant to diagnose as fibro can mimick many other illnesses.
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