Evening all..

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Evening all..

Postby Oldie » Wed Jul 19, 2017 7:14 pm

First went to the Dr quite a few years ago saying that I went through phases of feeling that I had been knocked for six and as if soneone was belting me with a hammer all over my body at all times of the day.....then it would go. I would know when I was going to have another bout when I would suddenly start to feel that I was coming down with a dose of flu.....which then didn't manefest itself....but the pains and utter lethargy would, along with a few other discomforts. Blood test came back along with the advice from the Dr that...You are fine....!
Resigned myself to just quietly coping with it as best I could when the bouts came on.
A few years later when the bouts occured more regularly, back to the Dr, same blood tests and told you are fine...nothing wrong....seemed more interested in how much I drank. Out of desperation I thought 's** you', walked out and gave up all faith in Drs.
After a few more years of coping by making adjusting my life accordingly, it dawned on me that I was now permanently exhausted and never a day or night would go by that I didn't feel that someone was using me as a punchbag.....I had just gotten used to feeling absolutely s***e each and every day and for me it had become the norm. I occasionally did have good days where I could fell and process a 110ft Douglas Fir on my own!,...but they were getting few and far between.

I went to the Drs again today on the spur of the moment and got a cancellation appointment......and he listened to me, asked a considerable amount of questions and apologised for my being fobbed off on previous occasions. He assured me that he would look after my case so to speak and will not let the matter lie until he finds out what's going on. He said he had an idea what may be the cause but as yet would not say.
Having been given hope that it wasn't all in my mind I went home and googled what I felt like ...Fibromyalgia came up that seemed to match every ache, pain and symptom etc that I have. I don't know if he will come back and say it's Fibro....but to actually have someone who takes you seriously feels good!
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