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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:40 am
by Jae
I haven't been on this site for quite a few years but as my health is declining I've been feeling the need to reach out to people in a similar situation to me.
I think one of the serious but not often talked about side effects of Fibromyalgia is loneliness. I know that's been bringing me down a lot lately.

So, here I am! Hello to all!

Re: Hello!

PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:04 pm
by LindyM66
Hi Jae,

I hear you! I'm fortunate that I work full-time, however, I have been off unwell for 5 months. Feeling much better and resuming on the 7th. Phased return, reduced work load etc etc.
How and ever, during those 5 months, apart from my husband - I saw 2 friends. Got a couple of txts from others - that was it.
Since I was diagnosed last year I have noticed alot of my "friends" have vanished. So, I do relate to the loneliness. It's an awful feeling.
As Lisa mentioned, thank the lord for social media. It can be a lifeline for alot of people who are not able to get out and about as often as they would like. It would still be nice to have a coffee and half a packet of chocolate digestives with a pal though. I'll just need to eat them all myself :-)

Much Love to you
Lindy x